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A month later … find out which tracks and music style were most played on Beats radio 1

THE Beats 1 (an online, global radio that airs 24 hours a day), without a doubt, a very interesting project. It is practically a reinterpretation of the old radio stations, it maintains some nostalgic aspects such as calling to order a song, but without a doubt something quite innovative due to the proposal that was presented (three anchors in three different cities; weekly programs with different artists / celebrities) , etc.).

The radio has been on the air for more than a month and is one of the “complaints” we see for which anchors play a lot of rap / hip-hop, leaving aside other musical genres. Does that sue? The programmer Callum Jones (from the company Nitrous) decided to collect the songs that were reproduced in this first month of the radio's life and created a ranking with the most played.

Check the result:

Beats ranking 1

In total there were 12,445 tracks, but 3,371 songs were played only once. This means that, on average, each track was played 3.7 times; 18 of the 20 songs in the table above have been played more than 50 times.

What about artists? Who else appeared on the radio? Tracks from 2,100 artists were played (an average of 6 times for each one). Check out the ones that were touched the most:

Beats ranking 1

Interestingly, the number of tracks remains stable during the week and at the weekend goes up a bit (probably due to the mixes that end up shortening their reproduction):

Beats ranking 1

Now comes the most controversial part, which really proves the complaints:

Beats ranking 1

Anchors really like the musical style, don't they?

(via Quartz)