Box-facing MacBook Air 2018

A lot of the new MacBooks Air is defective in the logic board; Apple will make free exchanges

Apple identified that a “small number” of new MacBooks Air (2018 model, launched in October last year) may have a defect in its logic board and will make free exchanges for all affected consumers.

The affected lot must really be quite small, since in this case Apple has not even announced a replacement program (or recall) official – it simply issued a statement to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Centers (CSAAs), to which the MacRumors got access.

The document unfortunately does not say what the symptoms are for identifying the problem, but Apple said it will send emails to consumers who have purchased units from the affected lot. Anyone can also contact technical assistance to verify their unit using the serial number.

As usual, Apple will service machines for up to four years from the original purchase date.

Box-facing MacBook Air 2018

MacBook Air

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