A lot of apps and games will be out of the Play Store soon, and that's great!

A lot of apps and games will be out of the Play Store soon, and that's great!

How many times have you gone to the Play Store to search for a specific application or game and have given up on your search for only unwanted results? Apps and games zombies are a strong feature of the little Android store, unfortunately. But, Google will take a step that should greatly ease our suffering in the search for truly useful and original options.

Whenever an app or game makes or successes dozens of clones pop up through the Play Store, usually aimed at invading user privacy (some apply at scams). Just search for the Pokmon GO in the store even before its release that it was possible to find clones, tutorials and things that did not even look like the game itself. These apps are released and abandoned, do not have a policy of use and contact with the developer is almost always impossible.

Now, however, Google is willing to make the Play Store safer and more interesting for Android users. The company is sending developers an email alerting them about the removal of tensions that do not comply with the store data privacy and usage policy. Apps that do not have any data security policies or the like will also be removed soon.

AndroidPIT pokemon go
Pokmon GO must be the biggest cloning case in the Play Store / AndroidPIT story

Many developers lack resources or in-depth knowledge so that usage or privacy policies can be designed for their respective applications, which can be a problem. However, Google cannot remedy or circumvent these situations as has been happening for a few years, especially when user safety is at stake.

Developers will have until March 15 to include a link that leads the user to the privacy or data security policy and use of their application or game. Big G informs in the e-mail that measures will be taken regarding the visibility of the tens that are not in this new order, that is, the user is able to find these applications less and less during their searches.

The company also warns of the total removal of outdated content, no policy included or with suspicious behavior.

Have you ever been frustrated with any search in the Play Store? Do you think Google's attitude validates to make the store more attractive?

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