A longer look at the device’s software functions

Galaxy S5: Melihat lebih lama fungsi perangkat lunak perangkat

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First of all, it has to be said that everything we call the Galaxy S4’s smart functions, such as those related to movements and gestures, are present in the Galaxy S5, but they pass by when we focus on the news that Samsung introduced to the S series. So, just know that features like suspended navigation, direct call, smart pause and smart stay remain part of the device’s OS and consume power as usual. In addition, S-Voice has undergone a small review for content correction and better speech recognition. Now, let’s talk about news!

Digital reader

The digital reader is super simple to use and can be easily accessed in the device’s settings. Users can enter up to three different fingerprints. However, of course, the first person to enter the screen lock data will be the one who will control the insertion of new users. In my test, I had no problem entering my data and unlocking the screen using my index finger. And although most people cite the function as similar to the iPhone 5S, it is much closer to the HTC One Max digital player.

S5 sensor

The digital reader is easy to use and does not interfere with the handling of the device! / © AndroidPIT

To activate the service, simply access Settings> digital scanner> digital reader manager and slide your finger over the home button a few times. Well, the inclusion of this feature seems to be another attempt by Samsung to offer more security to user data, we can only hope that it is not as frustrating as Knox.

S-Health and Heart Rate Monitor

Well, I confess that I am not part of the «health generation» public that Samsung wants to achieve with the type of fitness function. In fact, taking into account the size of the advertising made by the company itself over S-Health, it seems that this audience is quite small. But it is a fact that many manufacturers are investing heavily in sports services and Samsung is one of them.

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By placing your finger on the sensor next to the flash, the device monitors the user’s heart rate and stores information about the user’s health! / © AndroidPIT

Now, S-Health comes with a «plus»: a sensor to measure users’ heart rates next to the camera’s LED flash, just launch the app, place your finger on the sensor and wait for the information on the Galaxy screen S5.

Downloads Accelerator

Okay, here may be one of the most interesting features of the Galaxy S5: the Download Accelerator. Using this function, users can combine the types of 4G and Wi-Fi connections and thus increase the speed of downloads. Well, according to one of the product managers present at the media lounge from Samsung (the only place you can have an experience with the device on the MWC), this is a feature made for an ideal universe, since it is difficult to find a good 4G connection today. Anyway, maybe this is an interesting resource to send the huge 16MP images of the Galaxy S5.

Private Mode

If you always take a step back from lending your smartphone to someone else to use it, you won’t have the same problem with the Galaxy S5, since the device now comes with Private Mode. In this mode, your personal information will not be accessible, which can be useful when passing the phone on to a friend or family member.

By activating the feature, you select the type of application that others can see while using your device. Private mode is available for applications such as Gallery, Video, Music, Voice recorder and My files.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

Battery saver mode is really curious. When activating the function Ultra Power Saving Mode, all «unnecessary» features will be disabled and you will have the entire system in black and white to save battery. This is that kind of «motherland savior» function, for times when you really need to save energy to receive a message or call.

AndroidPIT S5 Power Saving Mode

The Galaxy S5 battery may not be one of the highest capacity in 2014, but it has some very interesting patches! / © AndroidPIT


In the Galaxy S5 hands-on, we chose the gadget’s camera as one of the great highlights and it was no less. For example, autofocus is extremely fast and accurate, takes just 0.3 seconds, there are a handful of functional modes in the device’s camera software, and the real-time HDR preview is the icing on the cake. However, there are three features that caught my attention the most, which you can see below:

Focus Selection

If you want to capture an image in great detail, for example, you can activate the «Focus selection» feature from the camera software’s home screen and choose to focus on the details on the front of the image, on the background or on the edges. This helps to improve the quality of images and saves you from having to contortion to blur unwanted background details.

Samsung camera focus

You choose the focus of the image from three options: the front, the edges or the bottom of the image! / © AndroidPIT

Photo of Passeio

Who has ever used the service Google Street View, Art Project or Google Cultural Institute, you may have already wondered how this type of service works. Well, a lot of people know Photo Sphere, and you have an idea of ​​how this type of Tour Photo is captured, right? Tour Photo mode offers the user the possibility to build a scene, from left to right and in depth.

The file extension is .mp4, so it is strange to call the piece a photo, but this is the name of the resource. Visit our Google+ page and see an example of an application in this way.

4K video capture

Sony kicked off the announcement of 4K video mode yesterday morning when it announced the Xperia Z2 and, at night, it was Samsung’s turn. Thus, Galaxy S5 users will also be able to record images with 4K resolution, that is, 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Remembering that Note 3 also uses the same function.

FM radio

Everyone knows Samsung already removed the FM service from its devices some time ago, right? However, it seems to understand that users are interested in having the possibility of accessing this type of multimedia content. As an embedded application for the Galaxy S5 system, Samsung brings the iHeartRADIO, responsible for connecting users to radios around the world via data plan or wifi. The app also uses your location to define content.

galaxy s5 iheartradio

The FM Radio app can be accessed using the data plan or the wifi! / © AndroidPIT

However, be very careful, the hardware does not offer an antenna with radio frequency, therefore, you will not be able to use the feature offline.

It must also be said that the Galaxy S5’s settings menu offers a more functional UI, so finding the software resources won’t be difficult at all. What can I say a longer look at the functions of the Galaxy S5 software, we find functions that can really help in everyday life.

So, what did you think of these software resources, are they worth it or not?