A jailbreak for iOS 13.5 is already underway!

Página da unc0ver

Apple yesterday released the iOS / iPadOS 13.5 for all users (check out our video with the news!); on the same day, the team unc0ver, known for developing the jailbreak homonymous, announced that it will soon launch an update to its solution which will be compatible with all signed versions of iOS on all devices, that is, from iOS 11 to the latest.

This means that the latest Apple gadgets, such as the iPhone 11 (and co), the new iPhone SE and the new iPad Pro, may be jailbroken (“Unlocked”), even if they are already running iOS / iPadOS 13.5.

We will release # unc0ver 5.0.0 with support for all signed versions of iOS on all devices using a vulnerability zero-day kernel discovered by @ Pwn20wnd in partnership with phonerebel.com, very soon. Upgrade your devices to 13.5 and follow our progress on unc0ver.dev.

THE jailbreak it was very popular in the early years of the iPhone. However, this process has lost much of its legion of supporters since Apple’s systems have evolved significantly; in addition, as Apple’s software advanced, it also became much more difficult to unlock updated iPhones.

Things changed last year when the developer and hacker axi0mX discovered a vulnerability in the Bootrom (boot ROM) of iPhones, allowing to do the jailbreak of a number of devices. Subsequently, the hacker Pwn20wnd (which will launch the tool in question) exploited a flaw in the kernel (core) of Apple chips and made new software compatible with the latest devices and operating systems available, again attracting users.

Unc0ver staff did not say when the new updated tool will be officially launched, but the final stability tests are already underway, according to their website.

It was about time, huh? ?

via Cult of Mac