A guy accidentally swallowed an AirPod… and got it back later!

A guy swallowed a Airpod. That's right you read: ONE FACE SWALLOWED AN AIRPOD! Calmly I explain this story told by the Daily Mail Online.

Taiwans Ben Hsu fell asleep with the earphones in his ears and when he woke up, he couldn't find one of them. He then used Fetch My iPhone (despite its name, you can track various devices on it like iPads, Apple Watches and Macs in addition to iPhones, of course properly registered with your Apple ID) and found that the handset was still in his room. He even listened to the sound (you can play a noise in the headphones to help you find them) very close, but searched, searched and nothing.

After searching hard, he realized the sound was coming from his stomach.

He felt no discomfort, but still went to the hospital, where he confirmed that the device was in his belly. The doctors then said that AirPod was going through her digestive system, but if she didn't get it (you know where), she just had surgery.

Dr. Chen Chieh-fan, who works in the emergency room and attended Hsu, said that because of the plastic wrap around the AirPod, the risk of causing damage compared to swallowing a normal lithium-ion battery was much lower. . If he had swallowed a battery, the problem was quite serious as it could cause ruptures in his gut.

AirPod swallowed by Ben HsuNo d to see right, but there is an AirPod

The doctors then gave a laxative to help with the difficult task ahead of Hsu. Behold, after a day, the phone gave the air of its grace when the navy recruiter did his needs at a train station.

AirPod swallowed by Ben HsuThe happy face of those who just put their hand in their own excrement and saved a little money (here in Brazil, would be $ 479)

Yes Yes. This is what you are imagining: he put his hand “Booty” (We don't know the technical details of how this was done, but apparently from the photo above, he literally stuck his hand in his artwork) and retrieved his blessed handset.

After a good wash and a few hours for the pet to dry and breathe again, Hsu found that everything was running smoothly and that the AirPod still had 41% battery life after going through this stomach adventure.

This, my friends. So we ended yet another AirPods endurance test and with the device, against everything and everyone, surviving. Just don't try this test at home, please.

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