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A Gameforge gives you $ 7.80 coupon for those who play Steampunk!

If you play Gameforge games, you'll love to hear that the developer is offering a $ 7.80 coupon to buy any game within this value in your store.. To win the simple coupon, just play Steampunk!

The ad says: Do you have a smartphone? Then get a coupon of $ 7.80 for a Gameforge game now!, the rules are clear:

  • Install the free app "Steampunk Game" on your smartphone between 09:00 on 24/01/2013 and 09:00 on 28/01/2013.
  • Play as a General Steampunk! As soon as you reach level 8, you will receive your free coupon. The event ends on 14/02/2013.

Attention! The coupon is valid on all browser games and Gameforge MMOs found at www.gameforge. The coupon will only be awarded for the first installation of the game.


In a battle between steam technology and oil, which side would you choose? Steampunk is a game inspired by a war with steam engines and imperial soldiers, where you choose allies and enemies, create battle strategies, conquer worlds in an alternate reality and need to support the emperor and his troops.

The game in some details:

  • Battle through 90 missions in 9 different regions
  • Select from over 70 unique units – on land, sea or air
  • Dominate your opponents in PvP and multiplayer combat
  • Get premium fonts in each region
  • Learn how to command your troops with a simple tutorial.

For those who think it's really worth downloading a game to win another one, visit the developer page on the Google Play Store and download Steampunk at 9am on 28.01.2013!

Download Steampunk

Source and Images: Steampunk Team Game

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