A game for the iPhone is in the list of the 10 best of the year

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Time magazine recently rated the best electronic games of the year. The impressive thing is that among the top 10 (and we are talking about games for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and even PC) there is Fieldrunners, which is exclusive to the iPhone OS platform. It is the only cell phone that has a representative on the list.


I have known the game for some time and it is one of my favorites. Even on the last trip I took, he was a great company on the 2:30 flight, I didn’t even see time go by.

He’s like “tower defense“, Whose objective is to protect its base. To do this, you must build your defenses to prevent a certain number of enemies from reaching the other side of the field.

The battlefield

You have four types of weapons, which can be upgraded to make them more powerful. All of this costs money, which is earned by killing enemies.

I’m a big fan of games of this type (my favorite was this one) and the great advantage of this version for iPhone is that you are the one who builds the way for them to pass, which opens up a huge variety of possibilities. The secret is to make them stay as long as possible on the field, building turns and detours.

Fieldrunners Fieldrunners Click on images to enlarge

The game has two scenarios: the normal field and the other in a pavilion with two entrances, which makes the game more complex and exciting. There are also three levels of difficulty, easy, medium and difficult. The game initially goes on until round 100, but if you manage to get there, unlock the “without end“, Thus being able to play matches without any limit.

Battle PavilionBattle Pavilion

For lovers of this style of play, $ 4.99 charged are very worth it. It is well done, with quality graphics and a lot of fluidity in the movements. It is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and requires 2.0 firmware. Direct on the App Store.