Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

A fifth of Portuguese households have more than one PC

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Marktest’s Bareme Internet figures show that currently 712 thousand homes on the national continent have more than one computer, which makes up 20.3 percent of the total households analyzed and 57.8 percent of the universe of homes with PC in Portugal.

The market research firm indicates that in the first wave of 2007, between 26 March and 25 May, the number of homes with a personal computer was 1,944 thousand homes, that is, 55.5 percent of the universe in study, in other words, double the value recorded in 1997.

The analysis also shows that it is among the highest social classes that there is a higher rate of households with computers at home. Around 80 percent of upper middle class households have PCs in use, a percentage surpassed only by the 94 percent obtained by upper class in this segment. Even so, 58.1 percent of lower middle class households have a computer at home. The same is true in 18.6 percent of households belonging to lower class individuals.

As for distribution by geographic location, the highest concentration of households with computers in use occurs in the regions of Lisbon and Porto (62.2 percent and 60.2 percent). The northern interior is, according to the heat presented, the location with the lowest number of houses to have CP.

On average, it is the households where three and more people live that are most likely to have a working computer (77.9 percent). This trend is also observed in homes where individuals aged up to 45 years live.

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