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A few days before Apple's special event, three new Macs appear on Eurasian certificates

All of us who follow the news from the Apple world know that on Thursday (27/10), the company will launch new Macs being the MacBook Pro, the big "star" of the event. Based on my statistics, that's 99.7% right. ?

But if you are one of those who only believe seeing, here is another strong indication that we will have at least three new portables being introduced to the world. In Eursia, as reported by the Consomac, today painted records of three new machines (A1706, A1707 and A1708) described as portable personal computers with macOS 10.12 installed, perhaps two new MacBooks Pro (13 ? and 15 ?) and a new MacBook Air (13 ?).

Russian Certificate of New Macs

This same vehicle leaked the iPhone 7, the Apple Watches Series 1/2 and the AirPods about a week before Apple's September event last month.

Such certificates (from the Eursia Economic Commission) are required for companies to launch new electronic products that use encryption technologies. The anticipation of these certificates may be a strong indication that the products presented at Thursday's event will be available for purchase right after the keynote (at least some of them as others, as we have seen, may only arrive in 2017).

No more, the certificates bring no information of the products themselves, so we have no way of knowing any clue what Apple will release in a few days.

(via 9to5Mac)