a device created specifically for Siri [atualizado 2x]

Apple would be finalizing the design of its newest product: a device created specifically for Siri [atualizado 2x]

The rumor involving a device created specifically to bring life Crab It’s not new, we already talk about some here.


The big ?problem? of something like this does not match the speech of Apple executives, who hit the key of an omnipresent Siri (with which users can interact anywhere, wherever they are). And for that, the idea of ??Siri being present on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac is much more interesting than being ?stuck? to a device in a room in our home.

Today, however, the rumor of a specific device for Siri returned with all thanks to two tweets of always well informed Sonny Dickson:

Apple is currently finalizing projects for its competitor Alexa, which should be conceptualized as a Siri / AirPlay device.

It is believed that (the device) has some kind of Beats technology and runs an iOS variant.

Because . Even with everything indicating the opposite way, at least according to Dickson, this device even reach the market to face Echo and Google Home.

There is absolutely no other detail about this supposed product, other than what Dickson released ?unpretentiously? on Twitter.

Past rumors pointed out that such a device from Siri could actually be a new version of Apple TV which makes sense if we take into account that Siri is already present on the device today; on the other hand, it is strange the need to have this device fixed next to the television, without being able to place it elsewhere in the house.

That Siri needs a jolt, no one argues. But would such a device be the best solution to give Apple a new virtual assistant life? Once again, we can only wait to see what this is all about.

Update · Apr 28, 2017 at 11:17

Jen Ryall, from Mashable, managed to get some more information about this mysterious device from Dickson:

More from @SonnyDickson on Apple’s Alexa competitor.

– Concave top with controls, (body) fat ( there Google Home) all covered with a speaker mesh – Think about the Mac Pro design – Same style as UE BOOM (speaker) – Possibility to be launched at WWDC

Excited about the possibility of this new product being launched soon?

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann · 05/01/2017 s 11:15

The thing is heating up. Today, our Dear Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, said he saw a ?50% chance? that this product would be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 in June.

Sales would begin, according to him, at the beginning of the second half and would already face new models of Amazon Echo expected to be launched also at this time. Still, in Apple style, the expectation that the product will target the market high-end and therefore cost more.

Referring to the product as ?Apple’s first artificial intelligence for the home,? Kuo says he must have seven (!) tweeters and also one subwoofer.

(via MacRumors)