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A chat with some of the main Linux blogs in Brazil – DioCast # 17


Today’s episode of DioCast is special, we managed to bring together representatives of some of the main blogs and sites that address Linux in Brazil, especially with the concern of bringing the end user closer to the system, regardless of distribution, it was a very interesting conversation, we exchanged experiences and situations that occur in the Brazilian media of promoters, I think you will like it, check it out:

Writing about Linux in Brazil and challenging for different reasons, be it people’s culture, of comfort and prejudice with the system many times, or due to the eventual harshness of the Linux user community itself, which fortunately has changed a lot in recent years, focusing on people who seek to share knowledge of all kinds, regardless of the program or platform. Check out this special episode, below you will also find links to the participants’ projects:

Episode links:

Uncomplicated Linux

– site


– site

Edilvado’s Blog

Tux’s Toca

– site

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