A big new Debian is available! – Debian 10 “Buster”


Debian developers announced the availability of the 10th edition of the operating system that always references the characters in the Toy Story series in their names. Debian 10, code-named “Buster”, arrives after 25 months of work.

The new version of Debian arrives for system lovers who are always looking for better hardware support and stability. Debian version 10 will be supported for 5 years, thanks to the combined work of the security and package maintenance teams over the long term.

Despite being considered an excellent option to run on your server, now running the Linux Kernel 4.19, the “Desktop side” of Debian also received attention, receiving upgrades of the main interfaces graphics at the moment:

  • GNOME 3.30;
  • KDE Plasma 5.14;
  • Cinnamon 3.8;
  • LXDE 0.99.2;
  • LXQt 0.14;
  • MATE 1.20;
  • Xfce 4.12.

Among the main novelties that accompany this new version, in addition to more than 60% of packages updated in relation to the previous version of Debian (9), we have the addition of standard support to Wayland when installing with GNOME Shell, although Xorg is still installed and can be selected on the login screen.

Another big news is the improved support for UEFI, allowing Debian to be installed on a computer with Secure Boot enabled. Other updates include adding the AppArmor enabled by default, as well as the nftables. We also have the addition of better support for wireless printers.

Of all these packages, about 91% are part of the project “Reproducible Builds“, Which allows greater transparency between what is in the source code of the applications and what is actually in the binaries, guaranteeing the reliability of Debian.

For more information access the Debian release page.

Check out the video review of this new version of Debian:

Download Debian 10 “Buster”

Debian is available for download for several different processor architectures, with different options as well, and can be downloaded in torrent, ISO, with specific interfaces or with a DVD where you can choose the desired interface at the time of installation. If you need to use a proprietary driver, such as Nvidia’s, you can install the version non-free Debian.

Download Debian here.

If you need help with installation, check out this video:

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