9base – Another alternative to GNU coreutils


We’ve already taken a look at the toybox and in inlays. This time we are going to take a look at the 9base which is another alternative to coreutils of GNU. 9base emerged as a port for various tools originating from the Plan 9 operating system for Unix, based on plan9port.

Everything in Linux is a matter of choice, you choose what you want to use. Choose the distribution, the graphic environment, players and browsers (so far so good even for Windows), development tools like compilers and engines, tools for system administration, server tools, and more. You are even free to use software open source or owner. This is freedom: the right to choose.

The choice better reflects the concept of freedom than anything and not just a license. That’s because Linux is a very modular operating system and that flexibility reflects this beauty of having several alternatives for everything we want.

I already dealt with the toybox and inlays and this time we are going to show you the 9base, which is another alternative to GNU coreutils (although the toybox is a terminal, but its commands are grouped internally). 9base is a set of commands for managing tasks that we often do in the operating system.

This package was inherited from another operating system called Plan9 (I already mentioned about the Plan9 in another article and in the video Beyond GNU – newlib. Behind his development was among them, Ken Topmpson the creator of Unix). So much so that this is not the only option regarding the plan9 to Linux; there is for example the Glendix which is a distribution Linux that uses tools from the Plan9 in your user space (goes on thinking that the Android is the only distribution without user space that doesn’t run tools from GNU).

Don’t be stuck with a single alternative, be free to use others, try them out, analyze them and draw your own conclusions even if they are not pleasant (this one I detested); but at least doing so, you can give your opinion on the subject. We complain a lot about Windows be plastered but we end up making the same mistake if we do not give ourselves the freedom to know. Free are you, the license serves to guarantee your freedom of choice, that’s why they exist ?

Also check out the bug I found in Bash about two years ago and it still remains there:

See you!