99Taxis and 99POP Driver – What You Need to Know to Work

If you have already ridden a taxi, you know that often finding a fast and affordable one is a challenge. The application 99 is intended to make you move around the city without much work and very fast. With 99Taxi, you order a taxi and the nearest car will take you to your destination. To make racing even cheaper, a short time later came the 99POP.

The 99 POP application has the drivers very well selected, as well as your registration and the necessary documents, you can find the closest to you in your city, make a race with the value that may vary from the distance and also the application itself in your phone, just register, make your runs on one account and you're done.

Understand the app

The app allows you to hire a private taxi driver more easily and safely. After all, all drivers are selected to work and payment is made by the application using their credit or debit card.

Uber, its main competitor with cheaper racing, was largely responsible for the emergence of 99POP. Quality service is more affordable for passengers. The principle of operation is the same: the passenger requests and the app checks who is closest and available for the race.

99 has been a great alternative for those who need to supplement their income or have a monthly income. To work with the company, you need to know some important information.

The driver 99 who wants to have this as a paid activity needs to have his profile approved at 99, register and so if he can become part of the company, getting his own money in the first race, see below how this is possible.

What you need to know to work with 99

To work with 99 you need to be accredited, this is the first step to getting started. The company selects the most reliable drivers, after all, the crucial passenger safety. It is essential that you know exactly how the app works and what gains and expenses you will have.

How it works

The passenger will request a run by the app. The 5 closest vehicles are triggered, being able to accept or not the race. Among the drivers who accepted, the app selects the one that is closest to the passenger, speeding up the entire process.

No need to use cash as payments are made through the credit card application itself. Upon confirming the race request, the passenger is informed of the car, the color, the license plate, the driver's name and the time to wait for the taxi to arrive.

The company does not provide any vehicles. Therefore, the driver must have his own car. But not any vehicle that the 99 accepts. I need him to:

  • Have a maximum of 5 years of manufacture
  • Be well kept
  • Have air conditioning
  • 4-door car

To work, you have to go through an interview. Still in the selection process, the driver will need to present criminal records and be up to date with his license and still have accident insurance. You still have to submit the following documents, such as:

  • Driver's license;
  • Proof of residence;
  • Identity document;
  • Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate;
  • Picture of the face.

To download the app you must go:

  • Google Play (Android)
  • App Store (IOS – Iphone)
  • Microsoft Store (Windows Phone)

There you download the 99 app has its earnings, which can be consulted by mobile phone in hands when starting to work, plus access to the operating systems of a specialized driver 99. Of course this only happens after having your profile approved by the company at the time of driver registration, so the earnings start to be obtained and be part of your routine, so you need to download app and login.

Earnings and investments (percentages)

The great advantage of being a 99 driver you get after you finish each race. Payment is made through your Card99. In each race, the company discounts a rate of 16.99%. In some cities, this rate may vary. Another advantage you can do your own schedule, working day or night and as many hours as you want.

The money is available on your Card99, which can be used to fuel your vehicle or even make purchases over the internet. You do not need to have a bank account and you accompany the statement through the application itself.

To be part of this team, the driver will have to invest in a good vehicle within the requirements requested by the company. But if you dedicate yourself and really work, you can earn about $ 3,000 a month. This number is just average, since you earn as you work. That is, the more you work, the more you earn.

Step by step how to apply

To become a very simple 99POP driver. However, your registration goes through evaluation. To begin your selection process follow this step by step:

  1. Register on the site and submit the required documentation: RG, CNH with EAR (Exercise Remunerated Activity), CRLV and proof of residence. Note: Must be over 21,sign up for 99 taxi
  2. If approved, you get a call from a collaborator to get to know you better: they ask you questions about your routine to understand and profile,
  3. POP test time! If you like your profile, a race will be scheduled where you will take a 99 employee to take a ride on your car and rate it,
  4. The last step is to take the POP Course and finally get to work!