99 pop Passenger – How to Order a Race, How to Evaluate, Passenger Rating and more

99 pop Passenger – How to Order a Race, How to Evaluate, Passenger Rating and more

99 pop is a variation of the 99 taxi application, while pop prioritizes only private drivers, the taxi version gives priority to taxi drivers.

When a passenger requests a private driver race, but at the moment, there is no next, the app has a mechanism that opens an offer for taxis with the same price as pop. from, the interested taxi driver can accept the proposal for that race.


3 Step – Just below where you typed this destination information, the street name with the number will appear, click to select;

99 pop

4 Step – After that, the application will make an estimated value for this route in the POP, Txi and TOP categories, make your choice, see if the address is correct and click on «confirm route»;

99 pop

5 Step – The app usually shows you where you are, to confirm the name and street number, just click on it and confirm, otherwise, correct and put the correct data for your exact location;

6 Step – If it is correct, click on ?All right, you can call?;

99 pop

Payment methods can be added previously in the app (credit card), thus already automatically discounted or, if you prefer, allowed to pay in cash or debit at the end of the race;

7 Step – After calling, the app will search for the nearest drivers, as soon as the search is finished and the driver accepts the race, be informed of the time he gets to you, as well as the driver’s name, license plate, model and color of the vehicle.

To facilitate the driver’s work, it is important to wait for the car in the agreed place and preferably at a point where it is possible to stop for boarding.

Some places, such as airports have fixed points to request drivers from 99 pop this action, avoid turmoil and facilitate boarding for drivers and passengers.

How to evaluate the driver of the 99 pop?

The simple evaluation procedure, always at the end of the race, the application itself asks the passenger for an opinion in the form of «stars» in the following questions: driver, car, friendliness, punctuality and education.

If this does not happen, it is possible to evaluate it later, entering the ?race data? tab where you can make the evaluation by clicking on the respective race, the passenger can still leave a comment justifying his evaluation.

Passenger rating

The new 99 pop app aired in 2018 allows the driver to also make his assessment of the passenger.

The mechanism is the same, the driver can evaluate as soon as the race ends, giving the stars and can also make some comment. Or if you prefer, you are allowed to do this afterwards through the following procedure:

  • View the ?races?;
  • Click on the race you want to evaluate, where the value and all the details will appear;
  • Stars are also given for: wearing a seat belt, friendliness, punctuality and education.

The 99 passenger pop offers quality services in the transportation area. It is an excellent alternative for those who want to get around with extreme security, economy and ease.

The application also has a help field to assist passengers with questions, compliments or complaints.