99% of counterfeit chargers for Apple devices fail security tests

Who has products from Apple You know how much they have a salty price for the priests of most Brazilians. This is about the devices themselves, but also about cables, adapters, chargers, etc. As for these, as they are smaller and seemingly less important accessories, many find it okay to buy them from unofficial stores (or even camcorders).

However, some tests were performed and showed that 99% of fake chargers They are not safe enough and can pose risks to users. How does BBC, safety tests were requested by Trading Standards British institution responsible for commercial standards and performed by UL, a company specializing in safety.

In the insulation test, very high voltage was applied to chargers purchased online in different countries, including Australia, China and the United States. Of 400 counterfeit units, only 3 (!) Chargers were considered to be sufficiently insulated against electric shock.

Official products may cost a little more, but counterfeit and second-hand products are an unknown entity that could cost you your home or even your life, or the life of a loved one.

Leon Livermore, CEO of Trading Standards.

These tests were not performed by chance; In October, Apple sued a company alleging that 90% of products sold * on Amazon * as Ma were counterfeit. The ecommerce giant acknowledged the mistake and said it would make its main goal the "fight" against counterfeiting.

After the event, the Trading Standards has published a guide to help consumers recognize a counterfeit charger, pointing out the need to check pin sizes and look for regulatory writings, cautions, and instructions for use.

The executive director of Citizens AdviceGillian Guy also advised:

Look for signs of forgery, such as errors in trademarks or logos, and check the safety writings. All genuine EU-made electrical items must have a CE mark on them.

We definitely never take great care of everything we buy and use because in the end we can pay dearly for it.

(via MacRumors)