95% of email traffic generated in 2007 was spam

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Throughout the year that now ends the spam returned to the order of the day and to have an overwhelming weight in the traffic of email generated on the Internet. SpamStopsHere figures indicate that in the twelve months of 2007 95 percent of traffic from email was spam.

The company underlines the commitment of spammers in new techniques, including the use of attachments with different formats such as MP3, Zip, Excel, Word and PDF.

With regard to worms with more impact, the company chooses Storm as the code with the greatest impact, since it managed to infect 10 million computers. Also the phishing reached high levels, especially those that went to some of the main e-commerce platforms worldwide, such as eBay.

The experts agree that the significant increase in the levels of spam e-mail has become a promising business opportunity for manufacturers of anti-spam solutions.spam, increasingly indispensable for an Internet user population that has also been increasing at a rapid pace.

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