92-year-old man falls from 6m and is saved by Apple Watch

We can already classify the Apple Watch as “guardian angel”? Depending on the stories that eventually come out, yes. The latter was shared by the KETV NewsWatch 7: a farmer who lives in Grant (Nebraska, USA) claims to have been saved by the clock.

Jim Salsman climbed up a 20-foot ladder to scare pigeons out of his silo, when suddenly a strong wind knocked him over. “It was a stupid mistake on my part,” he said.

Salsman said he felt a lot of pain, after all he had some fractures, including in his hip. The farmer tried to roll over to his truck, but he was too far away from it – obviously, there was no one around to help. He then remembered the Apple Watch and tried to speak (very Yoda-style): “So, Siri, Jim Salsman, badly hurt on the farm.”

However, Salsman had not realized that the watch had already sent an alert to Grant’s Volunteer Fire Department, thanks to the resource Fall Detection. The firefighters then replied that they were on their way and found him based on the GPS location.

Since then, Salsman has been recovering at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln.

Her son Ron said the father is a tough guy: “They went through droughts and blizzards and raised cattle in the middle of the night in the cold of winter, so they had to deal with a lot of adversity over time. And that becomes part of them, I think. ”

May he recover soon!

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