900 million Android activations or 810000 meters frames covered by S3

More Androids than I can count on my fingers

"Android for more than meter!"

Much more than a meter, Google today announced the incredible 900 million enabled Android devices and over 48 billion downloaded apps from Google Play.

Undoubtedly, Android (rather than Linux) dominates the mobile market, but why is this success?


The success of Android not by chance

Obviously having many partners and manufacturers helps a lot, unlike the competition that has only one device running their operating systems, Android has several models and what helps to sell more price, as there is the Samsung Galaxy S4 costing more than R $. 2,000, there are also models like the Galaxy Y that cost around 500 reais, often even less.

Of course, in the examples above we only cite Samsung models, but there are other companies that work with Android, for the sake of convenience, Android for keeping the Linux feature of being malevel fits the needs of major gadget distributors.

Congratulations to Google

Certainly many of the people who imagined Linux at the top of the market did not imagine that it would achieve the same with mobile devices, and much of it is due to Google and its dear Android. And playing math, 900 million activations equals 810,000 square meters Samsungs Galaxy S3 side by side. Too much on? Want to stay on top of everything that happens here? So enjoy our page on FACEBOOK, follow the blog at TWITTER – Also follow our writers Founder of blog and channel Diolinux, passionate about technology and games.