90% of ICT certified teachers by 2010

90% of ICT certified teachers by 2010

Within the scope of the Technological Plan for Education, 90 percent of teachers will see their skills in Information and Communication Technologies certified until next year.

The certification will take place within the scope of the ICT Skills program, created to integrate the continuous training systems of teachers and non-teaching staff, providing for three levels of training and certification.

The first level foreseen is aimed at the acquisition and certification of basic digital skills, namely the mastery of tools for writing, calculating and communicating in digital format.

The second level aims to acquire pedagogical skills for integration in the teaching and learning processes.

While the third level aims at the acquisition of advanced skills and provides that teachers themselves gain the ability to create solutions for the use of technology and content in an innovative way.

In a statement, the Ministry of Education explains that the objective of the program is to ¬ęenhance the human resources of schools, to disseminate innovative practices in teaching¬Ľ, as well as ¬ęto improve students‚Äô school results¬Ľ.

The program regulations are in preparation, as well as a support information system and the training of trainers.

The start-up is scheduled for the first quarter of this year.