9 Moving Emoji Apps for Android

An excellent way to communicate is emoji, figurines that represent emotions, among other things, to help you understand when talking by text. Here we will cover android apps, but if you use iPhone click here to see a list of emoji apps. We also have a list explaining what emoji mean.

If you use Android and want to be able to create moving emoji to use in your conversations but not You know, your problems are over. In our article, we'll talk about several ways to do this and replicate iPhone Animoji. We also have a list of iOS apps that allow you to create Animoji on older iPhones.

1. Facemoji

Facemoji is one of the most popular custom keyboard applications for Android and iOS today; It has numerous moving emoji in its collection, as well as thousands of standard emoji. The app is divided into five sections: Emojis, Stickers, Keyboard customization, Ready themes and Settings.

It has thousands of keyboard themes available for download and has interesting features such as the ability to add your own photos, customize the template, add emoticons and more. After customization, the app will direct you to your community to share the creations.

A popup message appears on the screen when the app is added to the keyboard options, asking for permission so that it can have access to all your messages, a necessity for any keyboard app. Facemoji's large collection of emojis is a plus, but its layout and usability is somewhat confusing.

If you want to see more about this app, just follow the link.

2. Smiley Face Emoji – New Animated Emojis Stickers

Compatible with any messaging app, Smiley Face Emoji is a free app that contains moving emoji, including sound, sorted into multiple categories such as speakers, funny, animals, kids and so on.

The best features of the app are the high quality smileys and emoticons, easy usability, high compatibility and wide diversity of categories. To see more of this app, go to the app store.

3. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is one of the oldest type applications on the market, developed by the same Snapchat company and therefore has many users shared between them. The app allows you to create versions of yourself as an avatar and from there adds it into a series of Emojis and animated stickers.

Bitmoji android

This app is also compatible with GBoard, the Google keyboard used by most Android Smartphones. To get started using the app, all you need is a Google or Snapchat account. We have a guide explaining the walkthrough of how to create avatars in Bitmoji.

After you enter the account, the app will ask you to select the gender and let you take a selfie to try to create your avatar automatically, after which you can change features such as skin color, hair, eyes, and other details to make the avatar look like you To see more, click the link.

4. EMOJI Face Recorder

Emoji Face Recorder is an interesting application that uses you as a template to animate 3D moving emoji through your camera. Audio can also be recorded and then just save and share in messaging apps.

Contains 3000 possibilities among emojis, stickers, themes and GIFs. The app categorizes the emojis as: Animals, such as "panda", "unicorn", "crocodile", – and "babies"; Emotions such as "fun", "sad", "surprised".

Also a customizable keyboard, with word suggestion function and the most amazing: has 150 language options, all offered for free. To see more, just follow at the app store.

Emoji face recorder moving emoji

5. MojiPop – Custom GIF Keyboard and Camera

MojiPop is another application that recognizes your face through the smartphone camera so you can create an avatar with your features and then fit it into your collection of animated emoji. It is similar to Bitmoji in its functionality, but belongs to Eureka Studios, with free and paid option (which of course unlocks emojis and features).

To use the app, after downloading the link you must select it as a keyboard and only share the emojis in any messaging application or social network.

6. Chudo

With Chudo you create custom moving animated 3D emoji using your mobile camera and then you can post on any platform like Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger. One of the special features that you can upload your creations into the app for anyone else to download to use.

First you create your avatar; To do so, you can use face recognition through the camera or manually, after which you customize hair style, eyes, makeup and etc. The app also allows you to produce videos of your avatars in augmented reality mode.

It also has a collection of ready-made emojis and stickers: you can be a unicorn, a bunny or a cookie, for example, that the user can easily share with friends. Chudo promises to have a special messaging protocol, allowing for fast information transfer and thus saving time and data.

If you are interested in this application, just click on the link.

chudo emoji that move

7. SwiftKey

This app is well known as being one of the best keyboards available. What many do not know, however, is that it has not only a huge amount of emoji but also the "Puppets", which are their own moving emoji. There are five animals available: dinosaur, panda, cat, owl and dog.

To use this function, the android version must be 7.0 or higher. If this is the case, you will see an icon in the upper right corner that, by clicking, will allow you to create your first "Puppet" that uses the panda as the default. To use another animal, after performing this process you must download it.

The app allows the user to record short videos of up to 30 seconds using “Puppet” and recording audio together, so it's easy to share them on social media. If you want to download this app, click the link.


This is a pretty good app that allows the user to create moving emoji, including audio, using various custom masks. It's a free app, but it offers a relatively small number of masks.

Its very simple use: open the camera through the app, align your face, select the desired filter and can record. To see more about this app, go to its playstore page.

9. VideoMoji

This free app, but also offers a paid version. It allows you to create a 3D avatar and animate your own emotions so you can express yourself better and also allows you to record videos using this avatar.

There are several characters to choose from, including clownfish, panda, monkey and even a burger. The app can mimic the user's facial expressions very well. If you want to know more, click on the link.

So what did you think about the moving Android apps for emoji?

Did you like our list? We hope so. Leave comments if you know any apps of the kind that you think best or tell if any of the apps on this list were useful to you.