9 Best Covers and Covers for LG G5 Protectors

9 Best Covers and Covers for LG G5 Protectors

Announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the LG G5 is one of the most innovative Android phones ever launched. True, it has all the “incredible” specs you would expect from an Android smartphone, but its standout feature is its “modular” design approach. Thanks to the numerous official accessories (called «Friends») available for the G5, you can add everything from an extra battery to a camera handle. And if you’re excited about this and decided to buy a G5 for yourself, seriously consider buying a case to protect your investment.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of best cases and covers for LG G5 available on the market. So, what are the waiting staff? Read!

1. LG G5 Quick Cover Case (officially from LG)

If we’re going to talk about the best cases and covers, what better way to start than with an official. The LG Quick Cover case (announced even before the G5) has a semi-transparent mesh on the front folio. This makes it possible to use of certain LG G5 functions (making calls, controlling alarm settings, etc.) without opening the cover . Not only that, it also has a window that allows you to check the time and notifications, using the phone’s “Always On” screen. How cool is that?

note: The price and availability of the LG Quick Cover case is not yet available. We will update the article when it becomes available.

2. Spigen Rugged Armor Case for LG G5

Coming from a renowned name on smartphone cases, the Spigen Rugged Armor case was built to offer robust protection to the LG G5, without adding much extra volume to the device. The case is made of a flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material and has Air Cushion technology for better impact absorption . Other than that, the carbon fiber texture and shiny accents give it a premium look.

Price: $ 13.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

3. Obliq Skyline Advanced Case for LG G5

The Obliq Skyline Advance case offers a great way to protect the LG G5 from all types of damage, and it also looks impressively good. The inner layer (made of soft TPU) helps with impact absorption, while the outer Polycarbonate construction provides protection during routine use. The case has a built-in metal support which contributes to an excellent media consumption experience, and textured cutouts on the sides provide non-slip grip . There are also some colors that you can choose from.

Price: $ 14.99 (Gun Metal); $ 15.99 (mint, rose gold and satin silver)

Where to buy: Amazon.com

4. Fre LifeProof case for LG G5

Do you want to take the LG G5 with you almost everywhere without worrying about it being damaged? The LifeProof Fre Case is a must have. The ultra-robust case protects your phone from water, dirt, snow and of course drops . It follows US military fall and shock patterns and even has a integrated screen cover . What’s more, you also get a one-year warranty, as well as a headset adapter with this thing. The price is a little higher, but the LifeProof Fre case is worth it.

Price: $ 79.99

Where to buy: LifeProof.com

5. Speck CandyShell clear case for LG G5

It may seem light, but don’t let the minimal appearance seduce you. The Speck CandyShell Clear case includes some protective features for the LG G5. He has one design patented multiple layers, with one layer made of soft Acrylic (for shock absorption) and the other made of Polycarbonate (for impact dispersion). In addition, the cabinet has military grade fall protection and some other features. Oh, and did we mention the one-year warranty and the 30-day unconditional warranty?

Price: $ 39.95

Where to buy: SpeckProducts

6. Trident Aegis Pro Case for LG G5

Despite being thin and light, the Trident Aegis Pro case protects the LG G5 from any and all damage, providing 360 degree shock absorption. It has a two-layer fabrication and confirms military standards for falls and vibrations. A unique feature of this case is the patent-pending audio technology that redirects sound to the front of the device, for an enhanced audio experience. There is even a rope loop and TPE to cover the device’s ports and sockets.

Price: $ 29.99

Where to buy: TridentCase.com

7. Urban Armor Case for LG G5

It is difficult to discuss robust cases without mentioning the UAG, and the Urban Armor Gear case is perfect for transmitting solid protection to the LG G5. Taking a super cool design, the case has a shield hardened with soft impact resistant core . In addition, oversized tactile buttons and non-slip handle make it even better. The Urban Armor Gear box fully adheres to military drop testing standards and is available in a variety of colors.

Price: $ 34.95

Where to buy: UrbanArmorGear.com

8. Otterbox Defender Series Case for LG G5

When it comes to providing robust protection for smartphones, Otterbox needs no introduction. And the Otterbox Defender Series case ensures that the LG G5 is protected from further damage. THE triple layer case consists of a polycarbonate carbonate shell and an outer synthetic rubber slip cover and comes with a screen protector too. In addition, the cabinet has individual door covers that prevent dirt and lint from entering the device .

Want the same good Otterbox for the LG G5, but in a more elegant profile? Take a look at the Otterbox Commuter Series case.

Price: $ 49.95

Where to buy: Otterbox.com

9. Spigen Premium Wallet Case for LG G5

If you really don’t like cases that leave the screen exposed and prefer something that offers better overall protection, the Spigen Premium Wallet case is the right thing for you. Created from premium synthetic leather and Poly Carbonate, it is certainly a looker. The integrated card slots allow you to carry up to three IDs, credit / debit cards and even cash . Oh, and you can use the case as a support to support the LG G5, for better media consumption.

Price: $ 17.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Rugged protection for the LG G5

Fully loaded with the latest and greatest in mobile hardware, the LG G5 is a true flagship of Android, with the modular design being its standout feature. Naturally, a well-built device like itself deserves the best protection against bumps, falls and damage. And the cases and covers discussed above are perfect for that. So, which of the above would you be getting for your new LG G5? Sound off in the comments below.