87% of IT companies want Windows 7

يتجاوز Windows 7 نظام التشغيل Windows XP

Eighty-seven percent of companies plan to move to Windows 7 and almost half (46 percent) plan to do so even before the launch of the first Service Pack, scheduled for summer, reveals a global analysis released yesterday.

The figures are from Dell Kace’s latest study on migration intentions to the latest Microsoft operating system among midsize companies in the area of ​​Information Technology (IT), which analyzed the responses of 923 responsible for the IT area of ​​organizations in United States, Europe and Asia.

The data, collected in January 2010 (about three months after the launch of the operating system), shows a significant increase in the number of potential business customers when compared to the results recorded on the date of the last count, in April 2009, when the most respondents said they did not plan to transition to Windows 7 over the next year.

Also when compared to the intention to migrate to Vista, found in a similar period in relation to the launch of the OS, there is a difference that can excite Microsoft: at the time, only 47 percent of respondents were interested in switching to the latest operating system.

Potential customers are now also less concerned about potential Windows 7 performance problems. The 47 percent that showed such fears in April rose to 25 percent in the latest study. Still, 86 percent remain concerned about software and application compatibility when migrating.

Another good news for the Redmond giant is the decrease in the percentage of customers considering switching to an alternative operating system to Windows 7, which went from 50 percent in 2009 to just 32 percent in 2010.