80GB PlayStation 3 model now on sale

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A new Playstation 3 model has been available since the beginning of this week. The 80GB version was launched in the United States and Canada, where it sells for $ 599 and $ 659.

In addition to the disc’s enhanced capacity, the new PS3 model was designed with gaming and entertainment enthusiasts in mind online, as it allows for greater storage capacity for games and other content.

Currently, more than 60 titles are available for download on the PlayStation Store that can be added to the game already included in the pack of the 80GB PS3, the Motorstorm.

With this launch, Sony intends to surpass the top capacities offered so far with the 60GB model that, a month ago, saw its price cut by $ 100. This fall in the cost of the equipment was assumed as a double strategy of Sony that saw the sales of the console increase while preparing the market for the entry of a more powerful model and the old price of the platform of 60GB.

To further promote equipment sales and increase competition with rivals Wii and XBox 360, Sony plans to launch more than 120 new games during the fiscal year.

Despite the possibility that this model could be marketed in other regions was a hypothesis considered by Sony, at the moment the company does not advance any data that points in that direction.

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