802.11ay Wi-Fi, of the future iPhones, can be used to connect to the “Apple Glasses”

Conceito de "Apple Glasses"

In the last week, we talked here about the rumor that «IPhones 12» (or whatever they call themselves) would come equipped with a new Wi-Fi standard, the 802.11ay – not as a substitute for Wi-Fi 802.11ax (better known as Wi-Fi 6) that we have today, but as a complement for other types of connections, since the standard has a short range and operates at much higher frequencies (60GHz ).

Because recently the editor of Macworld, Jason Cross, arrived with a theory of the reason for the (possible) implementation of the new standard in future iPhones: «Apple Glasses».

Apple’s infamous augmented reality glasses are still surrounded by very soft rumors – we have nothing concrete indicating production tests, prototypes or even conversations within Apple. Or rather: we have some patents, including a recent one describing a feature that would unlock the iPhone with the proximity of an eye device.

Anyway – the fact is that where there is smoke, there is fire. The Cupertino giant is more interested than ever in the magic of augmented reality (AR), and launching a wearable device fully focused on technology does not appear to be off the curve for the company in the medium term future.

According to Cross, the possible arrival of Wi-Fi 802.11ay would be a very clear clue to the plans that Apple has for its future glasses. The reason is simple: in this pattern, the connection can reach speeds extremely (almost 40x higher than the “common” Wi-Fi 6 standard), which would be a necessary factor in the communication between the iPhone and the “Apple Glasses” – sending and receiving so much information without lag or other problems would require a very fast connection, after all.

As the iPhone and the glasses would always be close together, there would be no need to use a long distance connection, which makes Wi-Fi 802.11ay even more conducive to the relationship.

Therefore, we would have “own” communication between the smartphone and the ocular device – regardless of Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / ultra-wideband, with spectacular speeds and very low latency. This would allow Apple to build, for example, virtually “hollow” glasses, light and discreet, since almost all of their processing power would, in fact, be on the iPhone.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see. If they really exist, the “Apple Glasses” will certainly not be revealed by Apple in 2020 (or even in 2021), so the inclusion of 802.11ay Wi-Fi in “iPhones 12” would be more ground preparation than anything else. – or, who knows, another technology for use with «AirTags». Only time will tell.

via Cult of Mac