80% of online electronics stores comply with law

80% of online electronics stores comply with law

80% of online electronics stores comply with law

Eighty-four percent of electronic product sales sites are now complying with EU consumer rights legislation, the European Commission says in a statement released today.

The number represents an increase of 40 percentage points compared to the numbers recorded in 2009, when the authorities started investigating the sector. At the time, only 163 (44%), of the 369 supervised virtual stores, met the legal requirements, currently the number rises to 310.

Inaccurate prices, lack of contact from the trader and provision of misrepresented information on consumer rights were the main problems identified in a European-wide investigation that began in May 2009, involving 26 Member States, Norway and Iceland.

The identified problems were reported and the sites corrected, and sanctions were imposed «where necessary», in an operation that was considered a success.

«These enforcement actions aim to ensure that EU legislation that benefits consumers is enforced vigorously, that price information is transparent and that all information provided is true. The results presented today show that these enforcement actions work» , says Commissioner for Public Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, quoted in the official note.

The official also emphasizes that «the impulse that [estas acções] they can generate consumer confidence will also benefit reputable companies «, for which reason the organization intends to» continue these joint implementation actions «and even already» aims at the next problematic sector «, he said.

The new inspection action will fall on ticket sales sites for sporting and cultural events. 414 virtual stores are supervised, only 167 (40%) comply with the legislation and 247 (60%) were appointed for further investigation. National authorities are now in the implementation phase, in which they contact traders to clarify the situation or correct the problems detected.