80% of companies will reinforce bet on Linux

يقلل Tranquilidade فاتورة البرامج بنسبة 80٪ مع Linux

Nearly eighty percent of large companies (79.4%) plan to step up their focus on Linux servers over the next five years, investing in new units based on the open source operating system, a recent study reveals.

Even in a shorter time frame, taking the next twelve months as a reference, 76.4 percent of organizations say they are interested in investing in new machines with Linux.

The expansion of the platform will be done, in part, «at the expense» of a decrease in investment in Windows servers. Or at least this is the relationship suggested by the figures presented that show that, looking at the next five years, only 21.3 percent of organizations say they have plans to acquire new servers from Microsoft.

The outlook improves for the Redmond company if we look at the short term, with 41.2 percent of companies including Microsoft software on the shopping list for the next 12 months.

The conclusions are from a study by the Linux Foundation, which reveals not only that companies are interested in investing in new Linux servers, but also increasingly rely on mission determinants in their activity to machines with this software.

According to the analysis, 60 percent of companies say they are increasing the use of platforms open source to support «critical» tasks within organizations.

The study was based on results collected from the world’s largest companies and government organizations, analyzing the responses of 400 respondents, representing companies with profits of at least 500 million dollars and 500 employees or more.