8 WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp is the largest messaging platform in Brazil. The app has millions of users, extremely light and works on any smartphone. It also has a browser version, and with that in mind, we've written a list of tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web.

If you want to find easier ways to use the platform by learning a lot of shortcuts and tricks, keep reading our article. Don't forget to check out the best WhatsApp group tips and tricks as well.

How to use WhatsApp Web

Before we start talking about WhatsApp Web tips and tricks, you need to know how to use messenger through your favorite browser.

To get started, go to the WhatsApp Web page, where you will see a QR code that needs to be scanned by the camera of your smartphone that has WhatsApp. Open the app on your phone and click on the three dots menu in the upper right corner and select the option“WhatsApp Web”. Click the button to“Scan QR Code”.

Use WhatsApp Web

Then you just need to scan the code, zooming in on the camera, and WhatsApp Web is logged in, allowing you access to all messages and chats from your computer. Remember that in order to use both the computer and the smartphone must be connected to the internet.

How to exit WhatsApp Web

If you want to un-login WhatsApp Web from any browser, either because you will no longer use that computer, send it for repair, or because you want to sell your used computer, you can (and easily) do so.

First open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone and click the three dots menu. V opo “WhatsApp Web” and, a, you will see all the devices you are logged in to. Then select the desired device and click"Go out". Now that you know the essentials, let's follow the tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web.

Quit WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp Web

1. Type Emojis using the keyboard

A very cool thing about WhatsApp, which is also found on the web version, the huge amount of emojis it offers. They serve to greatly facilitate the expression of emotions when talking via text. Don't forget to see the best moving emoji apps.

It is quite easy to use this, among the tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web. Start by typing a "two points (:)"and the first letters of the desired emoji. For example, you can type":sad" to see all sad emojis or“: Birthday” to see all related to birthdays.

Typing Emojis Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp Web

They will appear on your screen to select which one you want to use. To do this, simply use the arrow keys on the keyboard and the enter key or click with the mouse.

2. Drag files to upload

Of the tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web, this one is quite simple, but extremely useful. With it, you will be able to send files much more easily.

You can send attachments by dragging them to the chat screen you want to send from their original folder. This is quite easy to make the other option, click the "clips" to select the files.

3 Keyboard shortcuts

This is one of the most useful tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web. Here we will list the most common and used keyboard shortcuts to make it easier for you to navigate the messenger through your browser.

With"Ctrl + N", you open a new chat; with “Ctrl + Shift +)”, you go to the next chat; with "Ctrl + Shift)", you go to the previous chat; with "Ctrl + E", you file the chat; with “Ctrl + Shift + M”, you silence the chat; with “Ctrl + Backspace”, you delete the chat.

With Ctrl + Shift + U, you mark the chat as unread; with Ctrl + Shift + N, you create a group; and with "Ctrl + P", you open your profile. You can also use basic operating system commands such as "Ctrl + C", to copy and "Ctrl + V", to paste.

4. Convert Emoticons to Emojis

Another of the tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web related to emojis is this. The platform itself converts the emoticons you use into emoji automatically, to make the conversation more beautiful.

Convert Emoticons tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web

For example, the“<3” becomes a little heart, the“:)”becomes the smiling emoji and the > _ <“ becomes the laughing emoji. Knowing this, you can use emojis with greater convenience.

5. Avoid the blue scratches

Among the tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web is this, too, which is great if you want to see a message without leaving the mark you viewed. Of course it is also possible to disable this permanently, but this is not always the best option.

To do this, first open WhatsApp Web and some chat. Then open any program you like, such as Notepad, and adjust its size so you can still see what's going on in the chat. Leave the window in the foreground by clicking it. Okay, now you can see the messages without alerting anyone.


6. Use multiple WhatsApp accounts

This is one of the best tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web for those who have a business account and want to be accessing both at the same time. To do this there are two different methods, which we will cover here.

First open Chrome incognito mode withCtrl + Shift + N. In this window you can access the other WhatsApp Web account without any problem. However, with this method you log out whenever you close the window.

The second using other browsers. If you use Google Chrome as your main browser, download Mozilla Firefox, for example, and there you can access another account. Remember that there are several apps to have two WhatsApp on the same smartphone.

7. Use Zapp to control audio playback

Zapp is an extension for your browser that gives you access to some extra options when it comes to voicemail.

Using it, you can control the playback speed by increasing it up to 2x and changing the volume of the audio, and can amplify up to double. To download it, follow the link.

8. Use WAToolkit to have message previews

We've come to the last of our WhatsApp Web tips and tricks, where we'll teach the user how to easily access message notifications and previews.

This is an extension for Chrome that gives you access to two very good features: receiving WhatsApp message notifications without it being open, being able to read them without notifying you that it has been viewed and making chats occupy the entire screen. Download via the link.


And, what do you think of our tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web?

Leave comments if you have anything else you would like to do and if you already knew them. Also, tell me if you know any other that we do not include here to help other readers. Check here how to change the lyrics of WhatsApp, to send even more stylish messages.