8 phrase apps to inspire you every day

8 phrase apps to inspire you every day

To start the day with a motivational phrase, or perhaps to be inspired by a difficult time. Who knows to write that special message for someone or simply to put the caption on the photo. Check out 8 phrase apps you'll never be short of inspiration for!

1. Thought of the Day

thought of the day

This app proposes that the user take at least a brief break daily to relax their mind and be inspired by the hundreds of phrases selected and made available by the tool.

Carefully chosen to provide reflection, the phrases make up a collection that also includes quotes from celebrities. If you wish, you can still share the phrases via email, Facebook and Twitter, directly from the app.

Ah, the user can suggest phrases for future editions, which will take the due credits as thanks.

O Thought of the day is available for Android.

2. Phrases from Books

sentences from books

Are you always inspired by quotes from books, but sometimes you forget to write them down? This app will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration! Developed entirely with phrases from books, the tool brings hundreds of quotes from works of the most varied styles.

It is possible to bookmark a phrase, to access it later more easily. Or share a quote by email, Facebook, SMS and Twitter.

It is worth mentioning that the description of the app includes a warning that some phrases may contain content not suitable for children.

O Sentences from books is available for Android.

3. Great Thoughts

Great thoughts

The phrases selected by this app were spoken by great thinkers, philosophers and scientists in the history of mankind. We are talking about names like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Buda, Confcio and the Dalai Lama.

The application also brings information about each of the authors. In all, there are more than 4000 thoughts with words of wisdom and reflections for everyday life.

The sharing of messages can be done, through the app itself, through Facebook, SMS, Hangouts, Bluetooth, e-mail, Twitter, among other means.

O Great Thoughts is available for iOS.

4. Words Found

found words

Would you like to send a beautiful phrase to a special person? This app brings more than 200 publications that combine phrases with beautiful images. Ideal for sending a message or making a publication full of meaning.

They are advice, life lessons, excerpts from literature and music. The app also includes quotes from big names in history, such as Che Guevara, Mrio Quintana, Jos Saramago and Charles Chaplin.

O Words found is available for Android.

5. Chico Xavier's phrases

chico xavier quotes

For anyone who admires the man who was Chico Xavier and seeks some spiritual guidance and words of wisdom, this app brings quotes from the medium, philanthropist and one of the most important names in Spiritism.

Chico Xavier psychographed more than 450 books and sold more than 50 million copies (with all copyrights assigned to charities). Its legacy, therefore, broad. And his wisdom goes beyond the precepts of Spiritism, turning to life as a whole.

Apss with the same name and the same proposal, but from different developers, are available for Android and iOS.

6. Phrases and Status

phrases and status

Another example of two apps with the same name and similar functions, but from different developers for Android and iOS. Both provide users with thousands of options for phrases and status for publications on social networks.

There are more than 10,000 phrases (quotes, inspiring and indirect phrases!) Divided into more than 200 categories, such as music status, love status, beautiful status, indirect status, rhymes, sung, among many others.

Both apps allow the user to create images with the phrases to share them on pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Oh, both are completely free and do not need the Internet to search for phrases!

To download the Phrases and Status for Android, click here.

To download the Phrases and Status for iOS, click here.

7. Inspiration of the day

Inspiration of the day

As the name of the application already says, its goal is to be a source of inspiration, providing hundreds of phrases aimed at different topics and daily reflections.

The app also brings phrases in compositions with beautiful images, which can be shared via e-mail or on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

O Inspiration of the day is available for Android and iOS.

8. GANDHI: Thought of the Day

Gandhi thought of the day

Mahatma Gandhi, for sure, is one of the greatest wisdom references of mankind. Lies of humility, appreciation and other factors of life in general are shared in this app through Gandhi's phrases.

Like other apps, this one also allows the user to share messages directly from the tool via email, Facebook, Twitter or to other platforms.

O GANDHI: Thought of the Day is available for Android. J the app Gandhi quotes offers similar proposal for iOS devices.

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