8 of the 10 most popular Steam games run on Linux


Good news for gamers, Steam’s list of the most played games on the platform includes a pleasant surprise for players who like to use Linux as a platform. 80% of the list is already compatible with the “penguin system”.

This is an important milestone for us to confirm Linux as an option for PC gamers. Of the 10 most played titles on Steam, 8 are now available for Linux and a 9th title is yet to come.

Check the list:

– Dota 2

– Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

– Team Fortress 2

– ARK: Survival Evolved

– Football Manager 2016

– Total War ™: WARHAMMER® – Coming soon

– Garry’s Mod

– Grand Theft Auto V (Not available for Linux)

– Hearts of Iron IV

At the end of the day, the only one that really doesn’t have a release date for Linux is the important and powerful title, GTA V, however, several games that are very massive in players are already there and many others! Nowadays Linux already accounts for about 1/3 of all Steam games.

Below you can see the playlist of games for Linux from the Diolinux channel.

We have already reached the point of answering the question «Can you use Linux to play on the PC?» with a sincere and true answer: “Yes, depending on the game”.

There are many players who only play one or two games, the gamers who zeroed all releases are in the minority, and perhaps for these Linux is not yet a very advantageous option, but if your game is on Linux, how about giving a chance to the system, isn’t it?