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8 million Android phones in 2009

تستعد Google للأخبار ليوم 29 أكتوبر

This year, eight million mobile phones supported on the Google Android mobile platform are expected to be sold worldwide. The forecast is from the consultancy Strategy Analytics, for whom the slowdown in sales of the mobile phone market also means a greater bet by manufacturers on equipment that can make a difference.

Operators such as T-Mbile or Vodafone, which already sell equipment with the operating system, will play a decisive role in this gain in popularity. With regard to manufacturers, almost everyone has said that they will market models supported on the platform, with the exception of Nokia. Even other manufacturers that have so far concentrated their preferences on the Symbian platform have already shown an interest in Android. This is the case of Sony Ericsson, which has already guaranteed that it will not abandon the operating system on the base of all smartphones sold by Nokia, but that it will complement this option with Windows Mobile and Android.

If Strategy Analytics’ predictions are confirmed, Android will make an important evolution in the market, but staying away from mobile phone giants like Symbian, which controls half of the market. in the following places comes RIM, which last year equipped 23.5 million devices, or Microsoft, which placed Windows Mobile on 13.7 million phones sold.

In 2008, 152 million mobile phones were sold. This year forecasts point to sales growth of 10 to 20 percent.

Meanwhile, the launch of the new Android has also been confirmed. Version 1.5, starts to be distributed by T-Mobile at the end of next week and presents a set of novelties such as Live Folders, to facilitate access to emails, videos or other content without having to open the applications to which they are connected. Another novelty is the almost instant possibility of placing a video or image captured at a given moment with just a few clicks, online or on YouTube.