8 best xiaomi redmi note 5 screen protectors you can buy

8 best xiaomi redmi note 5 screen protectors you can buy

Earlier this week, Xiaomi finally pulled out the long-awaited smartphone from the Redmi line, the Redmi Note 5. It brings a more modern design, with a higher end-to-end 18: 9 screen, to the budget segment and it simply looks gorgeous. But the consumer will be wary of the new design aesthetic, so as not to break the screen when it falls or falls from the hand.

While Xiaomi provides a silicone case to protect its Redmi Note 5 from falling, the Chinese giant has suspended its practice of including a screen protector with it. Therefore, it may be necessary to obtain a screen protector to prevent your screen from being displayed against scratches. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the 8 best screen protectors you can buy for the Redmi Note 5 right away:

Best Screen Protectors Redmi Note 5

Note : Prices for screen savers may vary depending on offers or discounts offered by the company or e-commerce sites.

1. Official Xiaomi Screen Protector

If you are looking for a way to protect the highest 18: 9 screen from scratches, then you can go ahead and buy a clear screen protector from Xiaomi’s official website. The Chinese giant is proud that its screen protector offers greater sensitivity and retains close to 92% color accuracy – therefore, an almost insignificant interruption in his practical experience. It provides a hermetic seal, repelling oil, water, dust and dirtprotecting the screen.

Buy from Mi.com (R $ 56, with a 35% discount now)

2. Hupshy Tempered Glass Guard

Hupshy is becoming a notable accessory manufacturer for Xiaomi and has also launched its own tempered glass for the Redmi Note 5. At just 0.3 mm thick, it does not disturb the touch experience and offers you anti-bubble and anti-bubble protection. brightness qualities . It is a premium solution that is the oleophobic coating (oil) that reduces the visibility of fingerprints and prevents dust from being retained in the screen protection.

Buy from Flipkart (₹ 130)

3. Ultra Clear Tempered Glass

This tempered glass, as the name suggests, offers protection from scratches without sacrificing the visibility of the screen’s content. He makes use of a static adhesive, which simplifies the installation and removal process – leaving no residue left behind . It also provides enhanced resistance against dust, reflection and stains.

Buy from Flipkart (₹ 139)

4. Wellpoint Tempered Glass – White Frames

If you want to keep the chic aesthetic of your Redmi Note 5 intact, especially for all colors except black, then Wellpoint tempered glass is the best option for you. It not only provides the necessary protection against scratches, fingerprints, dust and UV rays, but it also comes with white frames to match the design your device.

Buy from Flipkart (R $ 75)

5. CareFone Tempered Glass Guard

Well, if you have chosen the darker black shade of the Redmi Note 5, then CareFone has the perfect screen protector on sale for you at Flipkart. It boasts a 2.5D glass design that comes with blackened bezels and precise cutouts for the headset and camera . It uses matrix technology for better touch sensitivity and provides all the protection you need against scratches, UV, oil and other liquids.

Buy from Flipkart (₹ 129)

6. Tempered Glass Flipkart SmartBuy

As the exclusive partner in the Redmi Note 5 flash sale, Flipkart also took the opportunity to attract potential buyers to purchase its own branded screen protectors. He was made of Japanese glass with 9H surface hardness, along with 2.5D edge design for a sealed application . It also has an oleophobic coating that makes it resistant to smudges and fingerprints, providing a clear and vibrant experience. However, costs a little more than other screen savers .

Buy from Flipkart (59 €)

7. Device cube toughened glass

This Gadget Hub screen saver is made of highly persistent and transparent materials from Japan, with a surface hardness of 8-9H. Uses an ecological adhesive, which does not leave residues or corrosion marks on removal. Said tempered glass does not use only a SMART process for protection against abrasions or scratches, but it also has an oleophobic coating which prevents fingerprints and other contaminants.

Buy from Flipkart (₹ 149)

8. Systek Edge to Edge Full Screen Protector

3D tempered glass from Systek is precisely designed for the Redmi Note 5 and offers a clear viewing angle and optimal protection against cracks during falls. It uses materials with 9H hardness and superior protection against scratches, helping your screen to stay sharp and alive. Uses the dot matrix technology to polarize the rainbow effect and the anti-stain oleophobic coating to keep the monitor clean.

Buy from Amazon (₹ 399)

Protect Redmi Note 5’s Modern 18: 9 screen

Throughout 2017, we adopted the highest and most modern 18: 9 aspect ratio for our smartphone screens. This trend is now on its way to the budget segment and people will now become more cautious about the falls and falls that can eventually break their screens. So, if you are planning to buy the Redmi Note 5, I hope the list above will help you find a suitable screen protector for your device.