8 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 cases and cases you can buy

8 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 cases and cases you can buy

The latest version of Samsung on the Android tablet came in the form of the Galaxy Tab S3, and it is an absolute victory. The tablet is by far the best Android tablet … not just on the market right now, but possibly ever. It is extremely well designed and looks so beautiful with its glass back and slim profile. The Galaxy Tab S3 uses a 9, 7 ″ Super AMOLED display, and I don’t think there’s a need to say that, but the screen is amazing. Not surprisingly, as Samsung puts some of the best displays on its flagships. The tablet also uses the Snapdragon 820 (snappy!) And has support for the Vulkan API, so games will definitely be a smooth experience. Add the huge 6000mAh battery to the mix, and you can see how it is definitely one of the best Android tablets. An all-glass back is obviously susceptible to scratches, and the screen is obviously. So, if you’re buying the newest tablet from Samsung, and are looking to keep it new and shiny, here are the 8 best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 cases and covers you can buy:

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 keyboard cover

The Galaxy Tab S3 is a very powerful device, as is clear from the energy-rich internal features that Samsung has collected in it. As such, it can easily perform the tasks of a basic laptop, and if you are looking to do so, you should definitely check out Samsung’s official keyboard coverage. With a price of 129, 99 dollars, the keyboard cover is for a perfect experience with the Galaxy Tab S3.

He comes with a flip cover, which can be folded into one Support, so you can use the tablet as a screen and type with the keyboard. In addition, the cover maintains the protected screen when it’s closed. The cover will be in stock from March 31 .

Buy from Amazon: ($ 129.99)

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Book Cover

If tablet keyboards aren’t your cup of tea, and you’re just looking for a protective cover for your Galaxy Tab S3, this one from Samsung is definitely one of the highest quality you can get. The Cape maintains the slim profile of the Galaxy Tab S3, while providing a lot of protection, both for the beautiful glass back, and for the super AMOLED 9, 7 ″ display that the device comes with.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 book cover can also be folded for use as Support to position the device in landscape mode for a comfortable viewing experience. Just like the keyboard cover, the book cover will also be in stock from March 31, and you can order one from Amazon now, to be shipped when it arrives in stock.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 59.99)

3. Protective Silicone LK Case for Galaxy Tab S3

Lightning Knight also came out with a protective cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, and it looks great, especially in black. The back cover is made of soft silicone and has a thin profile which easily maintains the appearance of the Galaxy Tab S3, without compromising device protection. Made of flexible TPU, which is shock absorber, the LK protective cover will definitely keep your device protected against small shocks such as short falls and bumps .

The case material is resistant to dust and stains, so even after long-term use, it will look just as good. The back of the cover has a standard design to provide extra grip for you, as well as personality for the case, making it a good fit for the Galaxy Tab S3’s look.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 8.99)

4. Rugged Galaxy Tab S3 Case poetic revolution

With a device like the Galaxy Tab S3, and the price at which it comes in, it’s hard not to worry about damaging it. The glass breaks easily, and the Galaxy Tab S3 has a full back of the damn thing. If flip covers are not your product, and you want maximum protection for your device, look no further than this rugged case from Poetic Revolution. The reinforced protective cover offers total protection to the Galaxy Tab S3, thanks to its polycarbonate and TPU.

The case comes in two parts, one for the back and one for the front (with a screen protector, by the way). It also has a 1 mm high lip, to protect the screen if the device falls on its side. The corners of the robust case of the Poetic Revolution are raised and made with TPU to extreme shock protection in case of harder falls. All of this, with a Support additional to facilitate viewing the landscape, makes this case one of the best options to protect your Galaxy Tab S3.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 14.95)

5. BELK Flip Case with Bags for Tab S3

Another flip case (or bookcase, as I called them) for your Galaxy Tab S3 could be this one from BELK. Not only is it almost a quarter of the price that the official book is, it also comes with card pockets ! The case is made of PU leather, with a texture that makes it look like real leather. Although it is more bulky than what Samsung offers, still manages to look good.

The cover is made of polycarbonate, so your tablet is protected from drops, bumps, etc. You can also fold the case to make it a Support which, by the way, is magnetically fixed . All in all, at the price point, this case is just incredible, and you can definitely consider it while you’re at it.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 13.99)

6. IVSO case with semi-transparent back cover

I think we’ve already established that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has a beautiful design, especially due to the glass back. That’s why covering it up can be a crime against beautiful devices. However, a material as fragile as glass needs protection, which is where this flip cover comes into play, bringing the balance Perfect appearance and protection .

The IVSO flip case comes with a semi-transparent rear cover, so that the back of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 glass is visible through the case. It is made of PU leather and it has a microfiber interior to prevent scratches on your device. The case can also be folded to make a Support, to facilitate viewing on your device, or to make calls via Skype … or just draw on the screen with the S-pen.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7, 90)

7. KuGi keyboard cover

Look! Another keyboard case! If the official Samsung keyboard case seems too expensive for you (it probably is), you can consider the KuGi offer. It comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard . The keys are apparently not mushy like most silicone keys are. Made of PU leather, with microfiber interior, the case seeks to protect your device inside and out. It can easily protect the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 from impacts, scratches and dirt .

Furthermore, with precise cutouts for the camera, buttons and ports, you won’t have to face the problem of having to take the tablet out of its protective case whenever you need to click on a photo.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 19.50)

8. WWW Flip Designer Cover for Tab S3

If these cases and covers seemed a little tasteless and tedious to you, let me present a somewhat stark contrast to the rest of the list. This WWW flip cover should definitely play the right chords with most design enthusiasts. The case has a flower pattern in black and white, and other colors are available if you don’t like it. The precise cutouts in the case provide easy access to all ports, buttons and the camera of the Galaxy Tab S3.

As the case is made of PU leather, looks great and can even protect your tablet from a few small drops, along with all the common scratches and dust. If you are looking for a in case you can make a statement, you should definitely check this out.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 12.99)

Use these Galaxy Tab S3 cases and covers to keep your device safe

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a good looking device and, as such, with the materials used to build this device in such an excellent way, it deserves to be protected. Devices with all glass backs have always been susceptible to breakage even with minimal impact, because the glass is fragile, so it’s a good idea to put a protective cover or cover on such devices. With the Galaxy Tab S3, the problem extends much more, because being a tablet, you will be placing it on a surface to use it, most of the time, which will definitely scratch the back of the device, and will end up causing lose all of its outside appeal. These cases and covers will definitely keep your new Galaxy Tab S3 looking good, and new all the time. So, are you thinking about buying the new tablet from Samsung, and do you think it is worthy of the title of “the best Android tablet of all time”? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, along with excellent case suggestions you may have.