8 best pro 8 honor screen protectors you can buy

8 best pro 8 honor screen protectors you can buy

Huawei’s latest Honor 8 Pro is a spectacular smartphone, to say the least. In terms of price / performance ratio, it certainly lives up to all the hype, and almost manages to put the new OnePlus 5 to shame. The Chinese manufacturer set a benchmark in terms of what to expect from a flagship in 2017, packing a beautiful 1440p 14-inch IPS display, 6 GB of RAM, two high-end camera configurations, 128 GB of storage and a giant 4000 mAh battery for a mouth watering $ 450 in price. However, just like any other smartphone, the most expensive part of this smartphone is the screen, and it is laminated on Corning Gorilla glass. As a result, if you can accidentally break the glass on your Honor 8 Pro, you will have to shell out at least 35% of the cost of the device, just to replace the entire display unit. Well, if you want to avoid ending up in such a situation, you need to buy a good screen protector that can protect the real screen from accidental drops. So, if you are already interested in purchasing one, here are the 8 best Honor 8 Pro screen savers you can buy:

1. TheGiftKart Honor 8 Pro Protector tempered glass screen (India only)

This tempered glass manufactured by TheGiftKart guarantees 100% transparency, to ensure that visibility is not affected. According to the company’s claims, NanoCure technology was used to avoid risks. The sticker that holds the display and glass together is based on the japanese tip silicone, as a result of which the easy, bubble-free installation is ensured by the manufacturer. It has 2.5D curved edges, so you can move around the edges of the screen without any problems. Even if you can break the glass, the integrated anti-break film ensures that broken parts remain intact.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 329)

2. Privacy Celicious Plus Screen Protector 4-Way Visual Blackout Honor 8 Pro

Want to prevent people nearby from peeking on your phone? Like this privacy screen protector, it is entirely possible. If you are concerned about your privacy, then this film based screen saver it is definitely a worthy investment. As the manufacturer promises a 4-way visual blackout with this screen saver, the viewing angle is highly restricted, so that no one nearby can see what you are doing on your phone, even if they try. In terms of protection, it resists scratches and scrapes to a certain extent. As it is based on the film, don’t expect it to protect your phone screen from accidental drops. If you are concerned about this, you may have to look elsewhere for better options.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 14.95)

3. Chevron Full Screen Protector for Honor 8 Pro (India only)

Unlike regular tempered glass screen protectors that are available on the market, these full body screen protectors can cover your phone screen from end to end, without leaving any gap for accidental impact. In terms of pure protection, full-screen screensavers are better, as there are no error gaps. This should be good enough to protect the beautiful 1440p display from accidental drops, scrapes and drops. Tempered glass has curved edges of 2.5D to provide a smooth scrolling experience for the end user. Finally, the lifetime warranty is offered by the manufacturer, so you can easily replace it if you receive a defective unit.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 699)

4. Nacodex Full Screen PET Honor 8 Pro Screen Protector (2-Pack)

Well, this is a film based screen saver . Therefore, do not expect protection against falls and accidental falls, as the material used is TPU and not the tempered glass. However, this screen protector is still good enough to withstand scratches and minor scratches, so if you’re not really worried about drops, you can install it on your Honor 8 Pro, as it doesn’t add thickness like tempered glass . Since it is made of TPU, this screen protector has self-healing features that can eliminate small scratches on the film by itself. Finally, it is available in a pack of 2, so you can easily replace the damaged film with a new one.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 6.99)

5. Full coverage of Kohinshitsu Honor 8 Pro Screen Protector (India only)

Then, on the list, we have another full body screen saver that ensures end-to-end coverage to protect your phone screen from accidental drops and scratches. This one tempered glass features small point networks to ensure that touch sensitivity is uniform. Another reason why dot grids are used here is because the sticker that holds the glass to the phone’s display is present only at the edges of the screen protector, unlike many other screen protectors on the market. The protector also has an explosion-proof film that ensures that the broken pieces do not fall on impact.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 693)

6. J&D Honor 8 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3-Pack)

This is certainly one of the screen savers of tempered glass less expensive than you can buy for your Honor 8 Pro. Like almost all other tempered glass screen protectors out there on the market today, it protects your phone screen from accidental drops, scrapes and scratches. In addition, it also has a anti-explosion film to keep the broken pieces of glass intact, in case you manage to break it. He also has oleophobic coating which shows resistance to oil and fingerprints, thus minimizing smudges on the screen.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7, 95)

7. Tech Shield Tempered Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Honor 8 Pro (India only)

Next on the list is another screen saver for tempered glass affordable that ensures that the beautiful display on the Honor 8 Pro remains protected from drops, scrapes and scrapes. Since then, it is based on tempered glass, it is three times more difficult than a screen protector based on regular PET film. The 2.5D curved edges allow you to smoothly traverse the edges of the device. In addition to all this, it has a oleophobic layer which aims to resist oil and fingerprints, in a move to reduce smudges on the screen. For a price of just under Rs. 200, this screen saver is definitely worth every penny.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 199)

8. Ringke Invisible Defender Full Cover Honor 8 Pro Screen Protector

Finally on the list, we have yet another film based screen saver . Like all other PET screen protectors that are available on the market today, this does not protect your phone from accidental drops and breaks. However, it is good enough to resist scratches and minor scrapes. Not everyone likes tempered glass screen protectors, but if you’re ready to sacrifice thickness protection, this is one of the best scratches out there. It is manufactured with high quality urethane material with enhanced optical film for crystalline protection. In addition, it has a oleophobic coating that can keep stains from oil and fingerprints.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 9.99)

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The best Pro Honor 8 screen protectors you can buy

No matter what smartphone you’re having, a broken monitor is definitely not pretty. In order to get the screen replaced, you will have to end up paying a considerable amount, which will certainly not be worth it. That’s exactly why we consider screen savers as a worthy investment to protect your smartphone’s display. So if you are looking forward to buying the stylish new Honor 8 Pro, make sure you get one of these big screen protectors in order to protect you from accidental drops and scratches. Well, when you made your decision, let us know which screensaver you are looking for and why, by recording your valuable opinions in the comments section below.