8 best nokia 6 cases and covers you can buy

8 best nokia 6 cases and covers you can buy

8 best nokia 6 cases and covers you can buy

Nokia recently announced its new smartphone, the Nokia 6, in India. The company has successfully managed to bring robust specifications at an affordable price, and the smartphone certainly does not fail to impress. The device runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box and features a 5, 5 inch Full HD touch screen, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, Snapdragon 430 chip, 16 MP main camera and an 8 secondary camera MP for a price of just under Rs 15,000. The smartphone will be sold as an Amazon exclusive and sign-ups for the flash sale are due to open on June 14 on the e-commerce giant’s website. If you’re already eyeing this latest Nokia return smartphone, you may be looking forward to buying some good cases that can protect you from minor accidental drops as well. So, let’s take a look at the 8 best Nokia 6 cases and covers you can buy:

1. D-kandy Flip leather wallet case for Nokia 6

If you are a fan of flip cases, this is definitely what you should be going for. The case has a leather-like design which guarantees a sophisticated premium look for your device. After opening the case, you will notice that there are another case inside that protects the smartphone, with precise cutouts that give access to all the hardware buttons on the phone. What is completely unique about this case is due to the fact that it has a integrated portfolio, where you can use it to store some cash or credit cards. With this case, you no longer need to carry a real wallet.

Finally, the back of the case has a foldable part, which allows you to use it as a stand to watch movies on your smartphone. Its price is almost 700 dollars on Amazon, but for all that this case has to offer, we think it is worth it.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 699)

2. Johra Rubberized Matte Hard Case Nokia 6

This case is more inclined to aesthetics than to the solid protection of the device. That said, if you’re looking to buy a case that doesn’t add much volume to your device, the Johra Rubberized Matte Hard case is the one you should go to. The case has scratch-proof coating for long-lasting durability and follows a matte design, just like the back of the Nokia 6.

The case is also washable, tear resistant and has perfect cutouts for all the necessary doors for maximum functionality. However, the case does not cover the top and bottom edges of the device, so don’t expect it to protect your device every time. The case is available in several colors such as Black, Blue, Red, Gold and White.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 259)

3. Nokia Ziaon 6 Ultra Thin Transparent Case

This is a clear case, which you should buy if you’re interested in showing your device’s design in all its glory and protecting it from small drops at the same time. THE transparent case from Ziaon it’s thin and light, not adding too much volume to your device. With perfect cutouts, you’ll have access to all the buttons on your smartphone. The case is made of a soft TPU material, which makes it very flexible and allows you to easily insert or remove the case from your smartphone. It also covers all corners and edges for complete protection and at an asking price of less than $ 350, it is cheap, to say the least.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 349)

4. Kapa Matte Finish Nokia 6 Case

This flexible back cover from Kapa ensures that all four corners and ends of your device are covered to protect your Nokia 6 from accidental drops. Thanks to extra padding in the corners, the case can be considered shock resistant, so you no longer have to worry about cracked screens. On the back, it’s just a matte design that should give you some grip while holding your phone. Keep in mind that all buttons are covered by the case, which everyone may not like, but in fact it makes using the button much easier.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 399)

5. Heartly Rugged Armor Case With Kick Holder for Nokia 6

This is a robust case which adds a little volume to your device, but certainly manages to offer better protection against falls than others cabinets thin with a material of cover hard or TPU. This Heartly case is made of two separate layers, where the inner layer is made of soft silicon material and the outer layer is basically a hard shell skeleton that sits right on top of this silicon for durability and shock resistance.

This cabinet also has a integrated support for people who love to consume media on their smartphones. It also manages to cover all the corners and edges of your Nokia 6, featuring a elevated lip for the screen and camera, for maximum protection during accidental falls.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 399)

6. Nillkin matte hard shell Back Nokia 6 Case

If you want to keep the Nokia 6’s sleek design, but still want to protect the device from small drops, this is certainly the best option you could go for. The case has a cutting edge design that the manufacturer calls “Protruding point design”, that offers ample grip while you hold the phone in your hand and offers resistance to dust, fingerprints and dust .

It has precise cutouts for all of your hardware buttons, so there are no complaints in that regard. However, the top and bottom edges of the phone are not covered due to the design of the case, so if you are concerned about it, you may want to look elsewhere. The price is a little expensive compared to other cases on this list, but this is totally good when you consider the premium build quality.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 590)

7. Nokia 6 Case Printed Noise Designer

If you likes printed designer cases, Noise makes some of the best stickers for the Nokia 6 smartphone. They have many construction in different art printed on the back and sides of these cases, to give your smartphone a unique look, no matter which one you’re going to. With regard to the quality of construction, the case is made of highly durable hard polycarbonate material and can cover all corners and sides of the smartphone to protect it from small accidental drops.

With regard to prices, it is quite affordable at Rs. 339 for all Noise Designer printed cases, no matter which artwork you choose.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 339)

8. Fashionury Soft Silicone Transparent Back Case for Nokia 6

Finally, we have another transparent case, which is also the least expensive case on this list. This is the case that you should be going for, if you want to show off your Nokia 6’s design and protect it without breaking the bank. The case is made of a flexible TPU material, as well as most other existing clear cases and has precise cutouts, so you can access all your doors with absolute ease. He can cover all four corners and edges of the device, so you are guaranteed protection from scratches, dust and small drops. For an asking price of just Rs. 169, we think the Fashionury transparent case is a bang for your buck.

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 169)

The best Nokia 6 cases and cases you can buy

The asking price of Rs 14,999 may not be very expensive for you, but if you accidentally break your screen, you will have to shell out at least half the cost of the device to actually replace it. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So, protect your device with a case so you don’t have to worry about it later. Well, these are some of the best cases and covers on the market right now for the latest Nokia 6 smartphone, in order to protect you from accidental scratches and drops, once you buy the device. So, which one did you decide to go to and why? Be sure to let us know by recording your opinions in the comments section below.