8 Best Moto Z Game Cases and Covers You Can Buy

8 Best Moto Z Game Cases and Covers You Can Buy

The Motorola Moto Z smartphone family, owned by Lenovo, has been making a lot of headlines, thanks to its beautiful design, cutting-edge specifications and, of course, its modular capabilities. While the flagship Moto Z leads the line-up, Moto Z Play and Verizon’s exclusive Moto Z Play Droid are midsize deals that appeal to people on a budget, but still want a smartphone with Mod Mods. In addition, the Droid Play and Play Moto Z outperforms the Moto Z when it comes to the battery, as they carry 3,510 mAh batteries. So, if you bought the Moto Z Play or the Moto Z Play Droid, here are the 8 best Moto Z Play cases and cases you can buy:

Note : You will not be able to use Moto Mods with most (not all) cases on this list. So, this is a sacrifice that you will have to make.

1. Moto Style Shell Mod

The Moto Style Shell is a Official Moto Moto and that’s because it uses magnets to quickly fit into the Moto Z family of devices. Style shells are available in a pair of styles in fabric : Nylon Herringbone and Nylon Crymson. They are also available in a black leather style and different style wooden shells : Silver Oak, washed Oak and Ash coal. These shells can be easily exchanged and they not only look great, but also provide decent protection for the Moto Z Play smartphone.

Buy from Motorola (from $ 19, 99) Buy on Amazon.com (from $ 27)

2. Speck Candyshell Grip Case

The metal design of the Moto Z Play can be quite slippery and if you are one of those people who drop the phone frequently, you should check out the Speck Candyshell Grip case. Like most Speck products, the Candyshell Grip Moto Z Play case is a premium product, with rubber stripes that provide grip. The case is also tested at the military level and has high edges, reinforced corners that absorb the shock of impacts and falls. The case is available in Black, Black & White, Pink & River Blue and Sand Gray & Aloe Green versions.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 27.86)

3. Cimo Matte Slim Case

If you want a case that offers decent grip, looks premium and doesn’t look bulky, the Cimo Matte Slim case for the Moto Z Play should be a decent choice. Thanks to its Matte properties, the case looks premium and is great in the hands. The case also offers decent protection, thanks to its durable TPU material and high edge features to protect the device’s screen. It is available in Black, Blue, Smoke and Hybrid Crystal versions.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 7, 98)

4. Incipio Co-Molded Shock Absorber

Don’t want a heavy case on your Moto Z Play, but you still want reliable protection? Well, you should check out Incipio’s Co-Molder Bumper case. The co-molded design of the case offers reliable protection against falls and bumps. In addition, the case is compatible with Moto Mods, so you can easily use your favorite mods. Although the case has covered buttons, they are responsive enough. Overall, the Incipio case for the Moto Z Play looks minimalist and looks premium.

Buy from Incipio ($ 20.99)

5. Avidet Silcone Transparent Box

The Moto Z Play is, without a doubt, a beautiful device and one of the reasons why many people don’t like to use bags and cases is due to the fact that they hide all the beauty. Well, if you’re one of them, you can get the Avidet Transparent Silicone case, which is so thin and clear that you can barely see it. The TPU in the case is soft and has anti-scratch properties . In addition, it offers shock absorption and protects your device from stains, bumps, dust and fingerprints.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 7, 59)

6. Belk Leather Wallet Cover

Leather wallets exude a certain premium feel and we don’t blame you if you’re a fan of such cases. For the Moto Z Play, you can buy the Belk Leather Wallet case. The folio case is made of soft leather made The TPU hand, which should age beautifully. The case is sewn by hand, sewn with waxed thread, has satin inner linings and folded leather edges for better durability. In addition, the case has a card holder and pocketsin addition to money. It is available in some cool colors like black, blue, brown, gray and yellow.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 10, 99)

7. OMOTION Durable Dual Layer Case

The OMOTION case for the Moto Z Play and the Z Play Droid features some great durability features, while ensuring that the phone doesn’t look too heavy. As the name suggests, the cabinet offers a double layer design, common polycarbonate exterior for protection against scratches and the soft interior of the TPU material for better impact absorption. In addition, it has raised edges to protect the screen.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 9.99)

8. Yaker rugged case

If you are someone planning to take your Moto Z Play to rough terrain, the Yaker Rugged case is the case. The robust case heavy-duty protection, thanks to its double layer design. The outside has a very hard plastic for impact resistance, while the inside has a soft TPU sleeve for impact absorption. In addition, the corners feature dual thickness TPU for even better protection against drops and bumps. In addition, the cabinet has a folding stand for your media viewing needs. It is available in various colors such as Black, White, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, etc.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 7, 98)

Protect your Moto Z Play or Moto Z Droid with one of these cases

Moto Z Play and Moto Z Droid are very capable and valuable devices, so if you bought one or plan to buy one, you’ve made the right decision. However, smartphones are prone to drops and bumps, so you should get a case for your new device. Well, you can choose one of the above. Let us know which Moto Z Play case you like in the comments section below.