8 Best Honor 6X Screen Protectors You Can Buy

8 Best Honor 6X Screen Protectors You Can Buy

8 Best Honor 6X Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Huawei’s brand new Honor 6X is a major update to last year’s popular Honor 5X. With open reservations for the device in the U.S., it’s surprisingly charged for a $ 250 smartphone. You get dual cameras, RAM and massive storage options, a fingerprint scanner and a decent 3340 mAh battery. In addition, there is Honor’s beautifully crafted metal body for the exterior and the easy-to-use EMUI 4.1 in front of the software.

All this personalized kindness of the operating system comes to life on a 5.5-inch Full HD screen. Although there is a high-quality protective glass serving its purpose on the screen, we know that it is vulnerable to extreme situations that can break or scratch the glass terribly. And it would really be a shame if the shiny screen of your new Honor 6X brand was scratched or damaged in the real world. So it would be a good idea to add a screen protector for the Honor 6X and we are listing the 8 best Honor 6X screen protectors you can buy:

1. VIFLYKOO Glass Screen Protector for Honor 6X

Stains on your phone’s screen are always a bad sign to see. But with an oleophobic coating on the VIFLYKOO glass screen protector, the Honor 6X’s beautiful screen will remain free of oil, stains and even dirt. It is made of tempered glass ultra-thin 0.26 mm with high transparency and touch sensitivity. The protector has curved edges in the corner, which improves the appearance of the phone. The protector is very easy to install and a worthy addition to your 6X’s protection squad.

Shop on Amazon.com ($ 8.50)

2. SPARIN Honor 6X Screen Protector

The SPARIN Honor 6X Screen Protector is a valuable addition to the list of add-ons for your Honor 6X. This screen protector is made of tempered glass of 9H strong anti-scratch hardness that can protect the screen from accidental scratches of keys and other hard objects. The protector leaves the curved edges open to perfect compatibility with bumper cases . The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty, which should indicate its long service life and durability.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

3. Mr. Shield’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Mr Shield tempered glass screen protector is a well made screen protector with a high level finish and fit. He was laser cut with precision to fit the screen of your 6X and adorns polished and rounded edges. The glass has 99, 99% HD clarity and has excellent accuracy on the touchscreen. The protector comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee, which should indicate a long life under regular use cycles.

Shop on Amazon.com ($ 7, 95)

4. OMOTON Honor 6X Tempered Glass Screen Protector

You will like the OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your Honor 6X if you want your screen protector to fit perfectly and accurately. The laser cut dimensions fit perfectly on your phone’s screen, leaving a gap at the edges to allow you to fit perfectly on bumper covers. This 9H Hardened screen protector can effectively protect your Honor 6X from scratches and unwanted scratches by knife, keys and the like. In addition, you also have hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating to prevent sweat and oil residues from causing fingerprints.

Shop on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

5. Wellci High Definition Tempered Glass for Honor 6X

Wellci Tempered Glass is an ultra thin screen protector that gives you a feeling of having a bare screen. Just being 0.1 mm thick, is crystal clear and scratch resistant against everyday items like coins. It also has hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, which prevents the accumulation of stains and oil from the hands. The protector is also durable and you get two protectors for the price of one.

Shop on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

6. Mr Privacy Privacy Screensaver [Anti Spy]

Have you always wanted a screensaver that avoids prying eyes to check your private message while traveling on public transport? Well, Mr. Shield responded to your wishes with the Mr Shield Privacy screen saver [Anti Spy]. It has all the best properties of the other screen saver ( scratch and scratch resistance ) by Mr Shield, together with a dark tint . The hue ensures that people close to you cannot read what’s on your monitor. It is absolutely perfect for a phone like the Honor 6X, which can easily catch your eye.

Shop on Amazon.com ($ 7, 95)

7. Lamshaw 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Lamshaw 9H tempered glass screen protector is a well-designed and thought-out protector for the Honor 6X. Has rounded edges with a small gap along the sides to be compatible with bumper cases and matte boxes. It is very easy to apply on your phone’s screen with the help of included guide stickers. Made of AGC glass material, emits 99% of the original screen light . The 0.2 mm tempered glass is resistant to scratches, dirt and breakage to give you the best protection for your Honor 6X.

Shop on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

8. Toshion Full Cover Screen Protector for Honor 6X

The Toshion tempered screen protector is claimed to be made of tempered glass gives highest quality and comes with free bubble stickers for easy installation. The full coverage screen protector has oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to prevent stains and oil build-up on the hands. Hard glass also prevents scratches and scuffs from materials such as coins, keys, blades and even knives. Toshion provides a lifetime replacement warranty on this screen protector.

Shop on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

Protect the Honor 6X screen with these screen protectors

The Honor 6X is a new entrant in the budget smartphone category and if you have ordered one, you are likely to show your amazing features to your friends. And, these screen protectors will ensure that your phone’s screen remains protected despite accidental bumps and bumps. So, tell us the Honor 6X screen protector you are going to buy. Let us know about it in the comments section below.