8 best cases and protective covers OnePlus 3

8 best cases and protective covers OnePlus 3

OnePlus recently launched its new flagship in 2016 dubbed OnePlus 3 and, unlike last year, this year’s device looks right. The device costs $ 399 and features a brand new AMOLED Optic display, a brilliant 16 MP and 8 MP rear front camera, the powerful Snapdragon 820 processor and 6 gigabytes of RAM. All of this enclosed in a beautiful aluminum design. In addition, the company got rid of its invite-only system, which is hateful, which is good news out there.

Well, everything is impressive, no doubt, and that could be the reason why the device has been gaining a lot of strength in the countries where it was launched. So, if you are one of the people who bought the OnePlus 3, we are sure that you love the beautiful metal design. However, as expected, metal bodies can be easily scratched, as well as being on the side of the slipper. Now, we don’t want our shiny new OnePlus 3 to crash, do we? Like this, here are some of the best OnePlus 3 protective cases and covers you should buy:

1. Official OnePlus 3 Cases

If you loved the «Sandstone» textured finish of the OnePlus One, the good news is that OnePlus is offering a case that replicates the texture of your OnePlus 3. In addition to the case Sandstone, OnePlus also offers cases with different textures such as Rosewood, Bamboo, Black Apricot and Karbon . Some people were disappointed when the OnePlus 3 didn’t have the usual textured design, and if you were one of those, you can easily get the old version, thanks to these cases.

Where to buy : OnePlus.net

Price : $ 19.95

2. Orzly Transparent Flexible Cover

If you want show the good looks of the OnePlus 3 and still want to protect it, the Orzly transparent case must be perfect. The lightweight silicone gel case adds little or no volume to your device, but adds better grip to ensure the shiny new device doesn’t slip from your hands. The case comes with a 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be sure of the case’s longevity.

Where to buy : Amazon.com

Price : $ 4.99

3. Tudia Robust Double Layer Case

Tudia’s robust two-layer case protects your device while also giving it an elegant look thanks to its polycarbonate design and rubberized texture . Along with looking good, the case incorporates double layers, raised edges to protect the screen and precision cuts, so you can easily access the buttons and ports on the OnePlus 3. It comes in different colors such as Mint, Rose, Metallic slate and the usual black.

Where to buy : Amazon.com

Price : $ 10.99

4. Stylish Otterbox and Slim Case

Otterbox cases have a certain reputation and the slim OnePlus 3 case lives up to that. The two-layer case is ultra thin and brings a drop protection + certified against drops & shocks from Otterbox people. The materials used for the case are polycarbonate and synthetic rubber, which also means that your slippery OnePlus 3 has better grip. The case is available in Black, Golden Sierra and Night Fire.

Where to buy : Otterbox.com

Price : $ 39.95

5. Oeago Reinforced case

If you want the best protection for your OnePlus 3, you should give Oeago’s rugged case a try. The case of heavy work is shock proof and impact proof . Along with the shock-absorbing TPU, the case also has double thickness TPU on the edges for better protection. But not everything is serious, since the case has a support and also brings a pen with it. The robust OnePlus 3 case is available in several color options such as Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Red, Hot Pink and the usual Black and White.

Where to buy : Amazon.com

Price : $ 0.99 (plus $ 5, 19 shipping costs)

6. Aplus Leather Case

Many of us have a certain appreciation for covers and if you are one of those, then the Aplus leather case for the OnePlus 3 should be the right bet for you. The leather case is dustproof, anti-fingerprint and very easy to clean. The case also features a cool stand, so you can watch videos or movies on OnePlus 3 with ease. It is available in a ton of different colors, like blue, gray, gold, brown, rose red, etc., as well as color combinations.

Where to buy : Amazon.com

Price : $ 10.99

7. LK Slim Silicone Case

LK offers different shades of silicone, where you can choose to display the design of the OnePlus 3, a little, all or none of that. The box shock resistant, unbreakable and scratch resistant it has an extremely thin body and, in fact, if you take a look at its transparent case, you will notice that it hardly adds volume to the device. In addition, it is resistant to dirt and stains as well. The case is available in a different color version, with the Black version being the only one in which the metal body of the OnePlus is not visible. The other versions: Clear, Pink, Purple and Purple are all semi-transparent.

Where to buy : Amazon.com

Price : $ 7.99


Dbrand Custom Skin

If you’re just looking to add personality to your OnePlus 3 instead of giving unconditional protection, you should check out the Dbrand skins for the OnePlus 3. From Dbrand, you can get a personalized Dbrand cover customized for the OnePlus 3. You can just go to the Dbrand website and choose to customize each region of the device. You can choose from several texture options, such as carbon fiber, stone, matte, metal, leather, real color or wood .

Where to buy : Dbrand.com

Price : varies with options

Protect your new metal-coated OnePlus 3

Since OnePlus 3 is relatively new, you may have noticed that the list does not include cases from other popular case makers. Well, we will be adding more OnePlus 3 cases as they arrive. Until then, we believe these cases and covers are good enough for your OnePlus 3, so check them out and let us know what you plan to buy. Sound off in the comment section below.