7th Quadro Program moves forward with the launch of the first 42 calls

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The first 42 calls for the European Commission’s 7th Framework Program for Research and Development were launched. With a coverage period from 2007 to 2013, the new framework for R&D in Europe places special emphasis on Information and Communication Technologies, which continue to be the priority area, with a higher level of allocated funds.

The calls now announced by the European Commission are part of projects that will benefit from more than € 4 billion in funding applied to the areas of health, environment, IT and energy.

The new FP invests in a structure to promote research between EU countries, in an effort to encourage mobility within Europe, an issue that deserves the effort of several other community initiatives.

FP7 will have a budget of 9 billion euros to support R&D in Europe. ICT alone accounts for 18 percent of this investment.

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