785 thousand laptops delivered in an e-school and e-school program

Government wants laptops below 150 euros in e-school 2.0

785 thousand computers have already been delivered within the scope of the e-school and e-school program, the Secretary of State Paulo Campos said yesterday in his speech at a conference organized by APDC. According to Paulo Campos, this is one of the programs that has helped to boost broadband Internet access since most computers have these connections.

The numbers of the e-schools and e-schools programs have been updated and, according to the Secretary of State for Public Works and Communications, 182 thousand laptops have already been delivered to the graduates of the New Opportunities Program, 252 thousand to students in the second cycle and secondary education and 73 thousand to teachers.

Within the scope of the e-schools, 275,000 Magalhães computers have already been delivered. The last known figures, from the end of February, indicated that 200 thousand Magalhães laptops had already been delivered and that there were 354 thousand orders.

It is recalled that even last week the President of Vodafone, António Carrapatoso, had advanced that the e-Escola Program will guarantee, in 2009, in a global way, a revenue of 100 million euros to the mobile operators.