Interior de loja da Apple em Xangai (China)

76% of retail IT managers prefer Apple products, says survey

Interior de loja da Apple em Xangai (China)

The experience of retail in 2019 it is very different from what we had 10 or 15 years ago: today, stores that want to retain customers and boost sales need to appeal to all possible technological resources, from free Wi-Fi to checkpoints for interactive prices and terminals self-checkout. And, according to a recent survey, the professionals responsible for implementing these technologies prefer the company’s products and services. Apple.

In the survey, 76% retail IT managers said they preferred Apple products and services; despite this, almost half of the surveyed establishments use a mix of Apple devices with others equipped with Android and / or Windows. Of this universe, 82% of managers said they suffered technical problems with devices equipped with Microsoft or Google systems.

Despite this, the overwhelming majority of retail IT managers agree that the use of technology in the purchasing environment boosts sales and customer loyalty. 95% of them believe that the application of mobile technology has improved the shopping experience and the organization of inventory, and 91% believe that their brands have become stronger with the adoption of these devices. 99% of retailers have already implemented at least one type of mobile device in their stores as a shopping experience.

The survey was commissioned by Jamf, a company focused on the administration of Apple products in companies and institutions – and, as much as the numbers may seem suspicious coming from a company that directly benefits from the adoption of Apple devices in the corporate environment, the research was done by a firm (Vanson Bourne) with more than 700 “decision makers” in the area of ​​information technology applied to retail.

Jamf’s alliance director Josh Jagdfeld shared his views on the findings:

Although mobile technology is being widely adopted by retailers of all sizes, many applications for it still have a unique function. The iPad and iPhone, combined with the power of Apple’s ecosystem, are being used globally in stores to enable salespeople to make the most of their devices, streamline processes, encourage teams and improve the consumer experience. However, even with the varied benefits offered by mobile technology, retailers are still facing challenges in finding, configuring and managing devices across multiple applications and workflows.

And the retail professionals here, agree?

via 9to5Mac