750,000 pedophiles permanently online

German police deactivate international pedophilia network

A report presented to the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday reveals that 750,000 sexual predators are permanently connected to the Internet with the aim of contacting children and young people.

According to the UN, more than two hundred new images are published online every day, in a content production and distribution market valued between 2.04 and 13.62 billion euros per year.

Unicef ​​also estimates that there are currently more than four million sites that feature pictures of young minors, including children under two years old.

«Worldwide, pornographic websites that exploit children are multiplying. (…) There will be more than 750,000 predators connected to the Internet permanently,» warned Najat M’jid Maala, UN Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, prostitution and child pornography, in its annual report, cited by Lusa.