75% of internet users repeat password in email and social network

مايكروسوفت تحذر من الشهادات الرقمية غير الصالحة

A study carried out by the security company BitDefender again shows that computer threats are often successful due to the users’ lack of care in the security of the information they make available online.

The company found that 75 percent of users choose to use the same password to access the email, to the social network account, and often to other additional online services. The option increases the potential for damage if this personal information is accessed and used by third parties.

The same study also concludes that 250 thousand e-mail addresses, user names and passwords that «can be easily found through comments, blogs, collaboration platforms torrents and other channels «, warns the company.

In all this information, the same source assures, 87 percent are e-mail addresses, usernames and passwords valid and exposed to use by anyone.

The recommendation is the usual one: when defining a password, the user must be careful and ensure a combination of characters that gives security to his personal access code. The same password for several services is also not recommended.

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