75% of consumers are unaware of mobile phone recycling programs

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A study by Nokia in 13 countries – Germany, Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates, UAE, Finland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Russia and Sweden – reveals that only 3 percent of consumers recycle old mobile phones.

The vast majority of the 6,500 respondents assume that they keep the equipment at home, even if they no longer use it. Three out of four users say they never thought about the possibility of recycling their mobile phone and almost half of the respondents were unaware that such action was possible.

The aim of this study was to understand the behavior of consumers in relation to old or obsolete technology, in order to enhance equipment collection programs and increase the recycling rate of electronic products.

Markus Terho, Nokia’s director responsible for environmental affairs, says that «if each of the three billion users who own a mobile phone delivered it when they stopped using it, 240 million tons of materials would be saved». The same official also states that this collection would have the same impact on the environment as the stop of 4 million cars.

Finally, Nokia concluded that 25 percent of respondents offer mobile phones that they no longer use to friends or family and that 16 percent sell old equipment, which is especially true in emerging markets.

About 80 percent of today’s mobile equipment is made up of materials that can be reused in new products, including dental materials, musical instruments, microprocessors or even electrical equipment for boiling water.

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