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74% of court cases are already electronic

74% of court cases are already electronic

The electronic process today covers 74 percent of the cases in the lower courts, involving 320 courts, 2,500 magistrates and 30,000 lawyers. The figures were revealed today by the Ministry of Justice, which says it has spent 7.5 million euros since 2005 on the development of computer applications for the modernization of justice processes.

According to this information, cited by Lusa, since April last year, 618,000 legal documents were sent electronically to the courts by lawyers. The vast majority of labor, civil or family cases (77 percent) were initiated through the CITIUS system.

Other data provided to the news agency by the MJ indicate that 97 percent of the injunction requirements started to be delivered over the Internet (modality that represents less costs for those who place the process), taking advantage of one of the 15 services online created by the ministry since 2005.

The electronic signature has also gained ground in court, taking into account that since July 2007, more than one million acts have been electronically signed by the judges and another 500 thousand by the Public Ministry.