700 «scratcham» children in Aveiro

700 "scratcham" children in Aveiro

The Scratch’ando com Sapo festival takes place next Friday, an initiative that closes a cycle of activities developed within the scope of a partnership between the Sapo laboratory at the University of Aveiro and Civitas (Association for the Defense and Promotion of Rights dos Cidadãos) Aveiro and which over the last year has included several activities in schools in the city and Lisbon.

Seven hundred students between the ages of 3 and 18 participate in the initiative, which will be centered on the program developed by MIT to appeal to the taste of the youngest for programming. Scratch was localized for Portuguese and is available through SAPO Kids.

Participants will use the Scratch tools that allow them to create animated projects, using the tutorials produced by a team from the laboratories, which will serve to guide the youngest and the teachers who will support them. They will also showcase the projects they have created throughout the year in schools.

The festival takes place at the Human Rights Campus of the University of Aveiro, which houses the Sapo laboratory in Aveiro, created to support the development of curricular works and research projects in the area of ​​science and technology.

The work areas favored by the laboratory are mainly services web services, services for mobile devices, studies in the area of ​​human-computer interface (HCI), among others.