70% of Apple Watches buyers have never had one before

70% of Apple Watches buyers have never had one before

THE Apple Watch represents a product category of Apple that is still growing, mainly regarding the adoption rate among wearers. According to information from CNBC, the Cupertino giant claims that 70% of consumers are buying their first Apple Watch model, therefore, only 30% of people are upgrading from older models.

This means that the Apple watch user base is still booming, while the gadget dominates the market share of smartwatches – largely thanks to the fame of the previous model, the Apple Watch Series 4. However, many users will soon be with the new generation of the wearable in hand (or rather, cuffs), making us to think about why Apple hasn’t made significant changes to this release.

As we highlighted, the Apple Watch Series 5 offers everything that previous models provided, including the ability to perform an ECG and detect falls. The biggest news, however, was limited to the increase of internal storage capacity, the introduction of the compass and Retina Semper Ativa screen, not to mention that users of the Cellular version will be able to activate emergency services in more than 150 countries.

On the other hand, some “key” characteristics of the gadget wearables were practically unchanged, like the processor and the battery – we will see, then, if the changes mentioned above will be able to convince users to purchase the new version of the device, as inferred by CNBC:

Taking into account that 70% of Apple Watch buyers have never had another model before, so it’s worth buying the Apple Watch Series 5. I don’t think you need to upgrade from the Series 4 and I don’t think Apple is really concerned if people plan [fazer o upgrade] or not.

However, if new consumers of Apple Watches are not interested in the latest model (due to the price, for example), they can still purchase the Apple Watch Series 3, which will continue on sale. Despite the absence of some new features (in addition to the “old” design), this model is still a great option to match other devices, such as those from Fitbit.

In addition, it is worth remembering that all Apple Watches, since Series 1, still offer support for watchOS updates.

via 9to5Mac