70 new Brazilian cities on Street View

Google today released a major update to its Google Street View service. Users can now visit more than seventy cities across Brazil, including Fortaleza, Brasília, Recife, Natal and Salvador.

“With the proximity of important events, such as the World Cup, in 2014, and the Olympics, in 2016, it is exciting to be able to share the wealth of cities in Brazil not only with tourists from all over the world, but with Brazilians who want to visit a city, neighborhood or landmark that you don’t know yet, ”published Emmanuel Evita, Public Relations Manager at Google Brazil.

“If you are planning a real trip, you can take an early look at your hotel area, in addition to the shopping malls, historic monuments and restaurants nearby to get a sense of the surroundings,” he published.

If you saw the Google Street View car and your city is not yet in service, leave a comment with the location!