70 companies align strategies to boost Cloud Computing

HP و Microsoft بالشراكة مع الحوسبة السحابية

Intel detailed its Cloud 2015 vision yesterday for more «interoperable, secure and simple» cloud-based computing, the company said. One of the main aspects of the initiative is the Open Data Center Alliance, which brings together about 70 companies with the intention of creating an open standards system for the cloud computing, focused on interoperability and the effort to harmonize the different standards industry. Objective: to facilitate the development of cloud solutions and create a common guideline for the next generation of data centers and software.

The partners of the alliance, which is open to new partners (names like Google or Amazon are not included in the initial list), are mainly companies with an offer aimed at the final consumer and together represent an annual investment in IT in the order of 50 billion of dollars. Intel, which today ensures 9 out of 10 servers cloud (through Xeon processors) will have the mission of technical adviser to the alliance.

On the basis of the initiative and vision that Intel itself shared at the event under the motto Cloud 2015, there are three key elements. «A world of interoperable federated clouds; an automated movement of applications and software resources; and» client-aware «clouds for PCs and devices that know what processing should take place in a cloud or on your laptop, smartphone or other device» , describes the company in a statement.

In addition to participating in the new alliance, Intel guarantees that it will put this new vision on the ground by developing software and adding new features to its Xeon processors, which already take advantage of virtualization technologies (Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel and Intel Trusted Execution Technology) that enhance the Cloud Computing.

The company also announced a reinforcement of the Intel Cloud Builders program, which includes 20 of the largest software and hardware manufacturers in the world. These partners will provide resources to help companies create products and services in line with the principles and guidelines that will emerge from the alliance, facilitating the launch, use and sharing of services in the cloud.